How to achieve the ideal press

How to achieve the ideal press
 Perhaps no group of muscles of the human body does not require much time and effort to bring it in perfect condition, as the press. Saggy stomach - is not only ugly, but also harmful to health: the weakness of the abdominal muscles can cause pain in the back, since they are part of the muscular system, which allows to maintain the correct posture.
 To ensure the perfect media, you must choose a set of exercises that allow it to work all the muscles, and perform them regularly. Some experts on fitness argue that this should be done every day, but most agree that strength training is enough to engage in a day. Other days must be given during cardio, helps get rid of excess fat - including, and in the abdomen. To achieve a beautiful press, you may need from 3 months to one year.

Traditional exercises used to inflate the abdominal muscles are lifts torso and legs, torso twists. Raising the torso or legs, you pumping a rectus making a flat stomach. Turns the same so-called diagonal twist promote the formation of the waist line.

Below is a sample set of exercises that are recommended by experts (starting position for all exercises - lying on his back).

1. Twisting upper press (rectus muscle). The upper body is raised slowly and at the same rate back to its original position. Bent at the elbows at the same time are behind his head.

2. The diagonal twist (for obliques). Lifting the upper torso, elbow knee touch the opposite side (hands - behind the head, as in the first exercise). Perform alternately right and left.

3. Reverse and double twist to the lower press (for the rectus muscles): Hands - along the body. When the reverse twisting climb legs, double - and upper torso, and legs simultaneously.

Should perform the exercises three approaches: the first - 50 times, and the second - 30, reverse and double twisting - 12 and 25 times, respectively. Of course, do not force the issue, especially if you have not paid enough attention to training. To start enough 1-2 sets of 10 times, and the elderly and all should stop at this amount.

Implementation of strength exercises for the press must necessarily precede an easy warm-up and ends should be relaxation exercises. Such training may be contraindicated for those suffering from hypertension, kidney and a bilious bubble. In this case, prior to the beginning of the need to consult with your doctor.

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