To the stomach was flat

To the stomach was flat
 Elastic press and a flat stomach is not only beautiful, but also the guarantee of health. In order to achieve the press of your dreams, you need perseverance and a little patience.

Let's start with the food.

Do not sit on a diet to get a flat stomach. And even more so it is not necessary to starve. Because when you start to eat normally again, your body will start to postpone fat reserve. Why are you even more better.

The most reasonable be fed once a day, in small portions. Do not bite, forget about soda and chips. And also about the bakery products and sweets. However, you can eat dark chocolate and marshmallows. Naturally, in reasonable quantities.

Eat more fiber. It is contained in the following products: bran, nuts, prunes, broccoli, cauliflower, and many others.

Do not forget the water. The more you drink the water, the more toxins out of your body. On the day you should drink at least two liters of plain water. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant. He copes with the removal of toxins from the body.

Another important component of a flat stomach - exercise.

Jogging, aerobics, dancing - a great way to bring not only the stomach, but also the entire shape in order. Yes, and general physical condition will improve.

Swimming helps to strengthen the muscles, which in turn leads to faster fat burning.

And do not forget about abdominal exercises.
1.I.p. - Lying on his back, legs stretched out on the floor, his hands behind his head. On the exhale, lift the up to 45 degrees and lowered. Do not press the chin. Do 3 sets, 20-30 times.

2.I.p. the same as in the previous exercise. Only now rise to 90 degrees. Do 3 sets, 10-15 times. Gradually increase the number of times.

3.I.p. the same as in the previous exercise. On the exhale, lift your feet from the floor to the level of 90 degrees and lower in the IP Do not insert your hands under your buttocks. If at first it will be hard, put a towel under your lower back or a pillow.
Proper diet and exercise will not only help to achieve a flat stomach. But also to become more healthy and fit.

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