The best way to keep muscles from sprains

The best way to keep muscles from sprains
 You have been thinking of how to properly bring your body in perfect shape, consulted with friends, compare prices for health clubs, and finally decided that it would do at home. You find a special exercise program that is suitable for the fight against light, but not touching Zhirkov, set to rhythmic music, began to actively carry out exercises and ... stretched muscle. Since this problem is not to exercise. But it was necessary to only prepare the body for physical activity.

If you go to a gym or fitness club, the coach suggested to you the best way to keep muscles from sprains. It would be enough even to remember the lessons of physical education at school. Or you skipped them?

Before any physical activity is necessary to prepare the muscles to work with a short warm-up. It can be quite active (eg, running) or based on the stretching of muscles and tendons. Stretching perfectly "warms up" the muscles and do exercises are done easily enough.

Start with the neck. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands on your waist, and without raising the shoulders, lower your head to the right shoulder. Fix this position for a few seconds, feel the stretch the neck muscles. Take your time, do not make any sudden movements. Slowly lower your head to the left shoulder. To enhance the load can lightly pull the head to shoulder hand. Repeat this exercise several times in both directions. Perform the same exercise, lowering his head forward and giving it back.

Stretch the muscles of the arms and obliques. To do this, stand with your feet slightly wider right hand put on a belt, left hand, pull to the right side, tilting the body to the right of the body. Fix the body in this position for a few seconds. Leaning forward or backward, sideways lean strictly not bulge stomach or buttocks, stand in line. Repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction.

Clasp your hands together in a "lock", slightly bend your knees and round the back. Stretch your arms in front of you and stretch after them. Lock body in this position for several seconds. This exercise will help to prepare for the loads muscles of the arms and back. Perform the same exercise, reaching upward.

Raise your right arm over your head, bend it at the elbow, get behind the forearm (hand touch the back). Grasp the elbow with your left hand and gently pull it back. Lock position. Change hands.

Standing on the right leg, place your right hand on the waist, bend the left leg at the knee and tighten it with the left hand to the buttocks. Stand straight, feel the tension of the muscles of the thigh. Change the leg.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with his hands clasped in the lock, lean forward, trying to touch the floor. Lock for a few seconds posture. Do not bend your knees. Feel the stretch back muscles of the legs, calves, hamstrings.

In principle, these exercises are enough to prepare the body for a more active workout, but if you went into the taste, can add a range of other exercises. Most importantly, follow them slowly, feel as stretched muscles. I wish you health and success in training.

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