Sports training during pregnancy

Sports training during pregnancy
 Properly chosen exercise expectant mother will only benefit. Sports facilitate the course of pregnancy, improve health and prepare the body for childbirth. But be sure to consult with your doctor, consider the trimester and determine its real level of fitness in order to properly make the program of studies.
 In some cases, sports will be postponed to the post-natal period. It is not necessary to give the body increased exercise, if you have ever been premature birth or miscarriage, high blood pressure, increased tone of the uterus, bronchial asthma. In case of any health problems, first be sure to talk with your doctor.

If all is well, feeling normal, proceed to training. If you pre-pregnancy is not particularly engaged in sports, start with the easiest exercises: special exercises for pregnant women, beginner level yoga, pilates classes or in the pool - a great start. First, the duration of training should not exceed 30 minutes, you can gradually bring up to one hour.

More experienced mothers can be engaged and all of the above types of loads, and power, and aerobic exercises.

Note that in the first trimester should be minimal load. The second trimester - it's time for more active pursuits. In any case, avoid sudden movements, pain, increased heart rate by more than 10-15%, and a strong stretch. Move smoothly and with pleasure, feeling every working muscles and ligaments.

Closely monitor the state of the body and pulse, do not strain, and at the slightest sign of deterioration of health, lower the tempo or completely stop your workout. Engage in a well-ventilated room, but avoid drafts, hypothermia and a direct hit from an air conditioner. Fresh air is necessary for the body to work properly, but the cold to anything. But overheating, too bad, so do not dress too warm.

Choose a comfortable soft cotton clothing and shoes quality corresponding to that class. About an hour before exercise, eat a banana, apple, granola and yogurt. During a workout, be sure to drink water at the first sensation of thirst. Treat the body after exercise fruit or fresh juice.

Indicator correctly and accurately compiled executable program will improve the general condition, reduce swelling and signs of toxicity, the appearance of additional forces.

It is important to exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week. Otherwise, after a long break every time the body is under stress or not getting the proper load (if the work is too delicate cycle).

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