How to remove belly fat through exercise

How to remove belly fat through exercise
 Stomach often other areas of the body undergoes changes such as sagging skin, increase fat loss and elasticity. But all these problems can be overcome, regularly performing physical exercise.
 Stomach problems due to the fact that his muscles do not have a bone corset, from which so quickly lose their tone without permanent loads. But you can have a beautiful Defined press at any age, is only a little work.

Lie on the floor and bend your knees, put his hands behind his head. From this position, lift the chassis using the abdominal muscles without straining the neck and back. Complicate exercise can be taking a dumbbell in your hands hold it near his chest during upswings.

From the same position up and touch the elbow of the opposite knee. Once your muscles will gain enough power already, this exercise can be done as follows: straighten your legs and lift each fail the one leg to the opposite elbow. So you engage and lower abs.

To lower press perfect leg raises. Straighten them lying on the floor, hands mat under your buttocks. Lift your legs up on inspiration and lower exhale, but do not touch their sex (stops them about thirty centimeters). Try to delay the canopy legs before returning them up.

Roll over on your stomach, just straighten your arms and legs. Lift the body and legs as high as possible. This exercise will strengthen the abs and a little stretch muscles that help the stomach to buy beautiful shape.

Lying on the floor, place your hands along the body, palms down. Straight leg lift up ninety degrees from the floor. With an exhalation Keep your pelvis off the floor, then slowly return to inhale it down. Do not bounce - this exercise is done slowly and carefully.

Work on your press daily for half an hour. It is advisable to do each exercise three to four campaign for twenty to thirty repetitions.

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