How to regain form

How to regain form
 Return to its former shape dream both men and women. Weight gain occurs with age, as well as for other reasons related to hormonal changes. Reset ten years and feel young again the strength to those who really wants.
 Back into proper shape your body is to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, cleanse the body of toxins, get rid of excess fat deposits. You will feel healthy, fit and active person. In addition, the appearance will be only to please you, and will no longer have to hide tummy for bulk clothing.

Start with food. What you eat affects the overall health and appearance. To bring the body in shape you need to bring your diet to ideal. And that means a failure or severe restriction of use of fatty, fried, sweet pastry. Every day, try to eat no less than three hundred grams of fresh fruits and vegetables. Divide meals into five or six times a day, eating in each of them two hundred grams. So you reduce the volume of the stomach, thereby gradually will be reduced weight.

Work out. Try swimming, running, soccer or basketball - they combine the load on all muscle groups, which leads to improved health, weight normalization and improvement of the body.

Relax. No need to mock his body, forcing him to train on a daily basis. Taps days for rest and relaxation, in which the body will recover their strength. Try to sleep at night is not less than seven hours, start a walk in the fresh air. Remember that your life seriously affect the appearance. Fresh air, proper nutrition and sports will give excellent results.

Return to the form of the body can lead to stretch marks, sagging and other violations of the structure of the skin, so you should keep an eye on her condition. Get a body lotion with firming and lifting effect. Use it daily and you will avoid all these unpleasant effects of weight loss, and donate the skin soft and the necessary hydration, which has a positive impact on its appearance.

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