How to pump breast

How to pump breast
 Every woman wants to have beautiful breasts. Affect the size of the breasts can only at puberty. Many women believe that it is possible to increase the breast with a special diet.
 Beans and cabbage can really have an impact on the growth of the bust, but only in very young ladies. But to give a seductive breast shape and be able to lift it any representative of the fairer sex, regardless of age. It is only necessary to tone the chest muscles.

A set of exercises begins with a mandatory workout. It may be squatting, bending, etc. Did not specifically invent, it is enough to recall the physical education classes at school.

Pushups are the most effective exercises for the muscles of the chest. You must, ultimately, to perform in one go at least 20 push-ups. At first stop for 10-15, try doing push-ups on the wall, if you find it hard to perform this exercise on the floor. Take care that the back was straight, and during pushups chest muscles were involved.

Exercises with dumbbells are great for tightening the muscles of the chest. Some of them can be done while lying on the floor. From the starting position raise your hands with dumbbells up, straining chest. This exercise should be repeated at least 8 times.

Another exercise you can do sitting in a chair. The back should be straight, place your hands with dumbbells in front of chest, close to your body bent elbows. At least 8 times, spread their arms, with elbows should be pressed to the sides. Tear off then on the sides and elbows at least 15 times, spread and bring hands. Repeat this exercise 2 times.

For the third exercise you need to lay your hands, as if reading prayers. After that, with the power squeeze his hand. If the chest muscles tensed - exercise you are performing correctly. Count to 10. Then again make the exercise a little pushing forward hand. Until tired, repeat the exercise.

Spin during exercise should remain straight. Watch this. Otherwise, the entire load will move on it.

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