How to make the perfect waist

How to make the perfect waist
 The ideal waist makes a woman elegant and graceful. If you dream of a thin waist, but excess fat carefully hide it from prying eyes, start to do the exercises at the obliques and abs. Then waist starts to take shape soon enough, and the reflection in the mirror will delight you every day.
 Stand up straight, pull your hands in front of him, feet shoulder width apart. With breath turn right, twist at the waist. Exhale and return to the upright position. The next time you inhale turn left until it stops. Perform twisting for 2 minutes.

Lie on your stomach, arms extend along the body. On the inhale, lift both legs and body. Begin to breathe stomach. On the inhale you need to inflate the abdomen so that the whole body more lifted off the floor. On the exhale, pull your belly a little and relax. Perform 10-15 climbs.

Lie on your right side, left hand put on top. On the exhale, lift the body up, put it down on a breath. Do 15 repetitions. Roll over on your left side and do the exercise 15 more times.

Lie on your back, arms crossed over his chest, his legs bend at the knees. On the exhale, lift your upper body off the floor. Inspiratory omitted entirely on his back. Make 15 lifts.

Sit on the floor, hands extend forward, bend your legs at the knees. On the exhale, lift your feet off the floor and pull your knees to her. Inspiratory just lean back and legs slightly bend the knees. With an exhalation send knees and chest towards each other. Keep balance, sitting on the coccyx. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Fingers connect to "lock", pull the legs. On the inhale lean back, raise your feet off the floor. Hold the position about 1-2 minutes. On the exhale, lower fully to the floor and relax.

Sit down, bend your legs at the knees, put his hands on his head. On the inhale lean to the floor at an angle of 60 degrees. Now do twisting left and right while holding the housing on the weight. Perform 15 turns in each direction.

Lie on your back, legs lift up, put his hands under your buttocks. On the exhale, lower your legs to the floor, while inhaling lift them up again. Do 25 repetitions.

Do not change the position. Describe the following maximum amplitude feet clockwise. Perform 10 repetitions. Make exercise to the other side.

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