How to make breasts firmer

How to make breasts firmer
 Beautiful breasts has always been the object of desire for men. It is a symbol of femininity and beauty. And so out of shape breasts a woman is able to plunge into the abyss of depression. To avoid this, care for it should be every day.
 First of all, pay attention to nutrition. For a beautiful breast shape requires animal protein. It can become a source of lean veal, poultry or fish. It should also be a course twice a year to take at least five teaspoons of fish oil. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids which provide the necessary elasticity of the skin.

Perform regular breast massage. Making it particularly well with water. At the same time you can save time by doing a massage when you take a shower. To do this, adjust the water pressure, so it is not very strong. Direct the water jet on the chest in a circular motion with the exception of the nipple. But under the breast, in the ribs, the pressure can be strengthened, as it is this region is responsible for the "height" of the chest. Adjust the temperature of the water to make it comfortable for you. But to make the massage more effective follow its contrast with water. Such pouring further strengthen the skin and blood vessels chest, allowing it to retain its shape for a long time.

After the shower should be applied to the chest special cream or balm. It should be remembered that the breast skin may suffer from dryness, leading to premature aging. Therefore, be sure to use moisturizers that contain vitamin A and E, and chest.

To stay beautiful breasts and firm, regularly perform simple physical exercises. Kneel in front of a low seat (seat of a chair, sofa). Put your hands on her shoulder-width apart. Bend them by touching the breast support. Then climb using only arm strength. Do not bend the waist. Perform at least 15 repetitions. When you become easy to do this exercise, go to the push-ups.

Bend your elbows at chest level, palms Abut each other. Put pressure on them, straining the muscles of the chest, and lock this position for 10 seconds. Do 15-20 repetitions. After that, raise your arms above your head and repeat the exercise in this position.

For the next exercise, you will need expander or gum. Keep it at chest level in his outstretched hands. The back should be straight. Plant hands as much as possible in hand, pausing in this position for 10 seconds. Perform at least 10 repetitions.

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