How to make a flat stomach and elastic

How to make a flat stomach and elastic
 Flat tummy - it's a dream for women. But to achieve such a result is possible only with proper nutrition and exercise. Especially if nature has awarded you a curvaceous.
 You can go to the gym, where an experienced coach will select the optimum load on the body, taking into account age, sex, weight and other physical parameters. But enough good results are achieved and at home. It is only necessary to put a goal and strictly adhere to all the requirements.

It is advisable to regularly exercise "boat." By adopting a horizontal position on the back, you must at the same time raise outstretched arms and legs. This allows you to stretch the muscles on the back and strengthen your abdominal muscles. And, of course, you should do abdominal exercises, gradually increasing the load. Do not want to exercise with more weight, the greatest effect is achieved during fitness, pilates, aerobics and other female-dominated exercises.

Occupies a special place diet. The most important are the enemy of the fat, the amount which must be reduced to a minimum. The positive effect is fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, low-calorie food. To this end, instead of bakery products recommended to use special crackers and bread. The huge benefits of watermelon, so do not be afraid to eat it in large quantities.

It is advisable to massage, for which you can use a moisturizer, anti-cellulite or vegetable oils. You can also hold a honey massage, which effectively herding fat and removes from the deeper layers of the skin toxins, making it more smooth and elastic. To give skin elasticity can make a mask of blue clay.

Success depends entirely on the strength of will, as to obtain a flat tummy will have to sacrifice a lot of things. For example, forget about sweets and delicious desserts, snacks (especially at night), alcoholic beverages, which are detrimental impact on the shape and the general condition.

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