How to gain weight

How to gain weight
 Tired convince others that you are not "skinny" and slender? I am ashamed to appear on the beach because of the protruding ribs? Women suffering from complete, the problem of insufficient weight often seems far-fetched. It would seem, eat all you want, and welcome pounds will come by themselves. But it is not so simple. To gain weight, "skinny" should be well thought out your diet and lifestyle in general.
 To gain weight, do not need to go all out to lean on sweet, fat and flour. Weight increase, but stay in good physical shape is unlikely. Should eat at least 5-6 times per day, while at the same time. Stick to protein-carbohydrate diet. That is sure to include in your menu of meat, fish, eggs, cheese and milk with a high percentage of fat, fermented baked milk, yogurt, bread. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat a hot meal, and the rest of the snack of fruit, vegetables, cheese, nuts, chocolate.

After lunch, you need to give your body digest food - take rest for half an hour. If between snacks will be hunger, quench it. If there is not desirable, stimulates the appetite. The stomach launch fruit juices, mineral water, milk shakes, which should be drunk before meals. If these methods do not "run" appetite by using drugs and herbal tinctures (e.g., formulations containing mugwort).

Try to drink plenty of fluids - 2-3 liters per day. This includes not just plain water, but also tea, coffee, juices, milk, soups. Gain weight well help tasty and healthy protein shakes. They are prepared simply: dilute a pack of cream cheese cup and stir. You can add to the mix a spoonful of honey or jam.

Your diet should contain all the necessary vitamins. Multivitamin complexes provide the body with the substances, which is not enough food. Such drugs are sold freely, but before their purchase better to consult a doctor. "By eye" to determine what are the body lacks, is difficult.

To gain pounds do not lay in the most inappropriate places, and evenly distributed throughout the body, can not do without exercise. Catching up at home or in the gym, attention training muscles in the arms and legs. After all, people who are underweight they look painfully thin. Strengthen their help dumbbells, push-ups, squats, barbell exercises, swings and lunges. Jogging, cycling or swimming will complete training in the gym, as well as cause hunger.

Underweight may be nothing to do with the amount of food consumed. Maybe it's some disease that causes the body to expend all the energy. Therefore, if, despite your best efforts, your weight does not want to grow, be sure to pass a medical examination.

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