How to determine your muscle tone

How to determine your muscle tone
 Before you begin to engage in a gym or fitness club, you must choose the right program. For beginners, it will be one for professional athletes - different. However, one thing unites them all - muscle tone.
 For an effective workout you need to know your muscle tone. To do this, do a little test that will help determine the correct tone your muscles.

First of all, you need to determine your flexibility. Put your feet together, becoming smooth and straighten the spine. Without bending your knees, lean forward. You can not give up below the knee? Then put yourself 0 points. Reach out to the feet? Record on your score 1 point. If you managed in such a position to touch the floor with his hands, then 2 points in your piggy bank.

After taking a rest, sit on the floor. His legs stretched out, try to push them as much as possible. Now lean forward. Try in a position to touch the floor head or chest. If you succeed, then priplyusuet yourself 2 points. If to the floor you can touch only the elbows, write down one point. Well, only by reaching the floor with his hands, you do not get any points. Record - 0.

Now define your muscle strength with simple push-ups. In this case, keep in mind that the back should be flat and breasts must almost touch the floor. Can not be wrung from the floor for more than five times? Then give yourself 0 points. In this case, you just need the services of a professional trainer. If the number of push-ups from 5 to 10, put 1 point. It turns out push-ups more than 10 times? Feel free to put yourself 2 points.

Muscle strength is also determined by the following test. Lie on your back, hands behind his head. Legs bend at the knees. In this position, try to raise the trunk, without touching the floor with his back. If this exercise failed more than 10 times, you should seriously think about your muscle tone - 0 points. 10 to 20 times bring you 1 point. It turned out more than 20? Then add yourself 2 points.

The next test is to determine the endurance of your muscles. To do this exercise, "Area". Leaning against the wall, knees bent at 90 degrees. As if you are sitting next to the wall on a virtual chair, which is not. Try to hold out as long as possible in this position. If unable to withstand more than 1 minute - 0 points. From 1 to 2 minutes of this exercise will bring you 1 point. Last more than 2 minutes, you can easily put yourself 2 points.

Now is the time to count the points and summarize, define your muscle tone. If, by doing all the exercises, you scored from 0 to 4 points, your athletic form is poor. Having accumulated from 5 to 9 points, you can take your muscles satisfactory. If it was possible to score maximum - 10 points, then rest assured that the tone of your muscles is optimal. You can safely proceed to more serious training.

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