How to build a valid press

How to build a valid press
 Study of the abdominal muscles include the elaboration of direct, oblique abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. For maximum effect, a combination of training, exercise and diet.
 Training for the press consists of three parts, respectively muscle groups subject to study. To work on the front of the machine operates direct twist on the bench for the press. Secure the legs at close range, then rewound his hands behind his head and bend, trying to reach the elbows to the knees. With each repetition with the power of the press strain. After that, go to the simulator to perform crunches.

Uprites back in focus, hands firmly holding the handles of the simulator. Follow sharp flapping feet, concentrating on each and forcefully straining press. Try to perform the maximum number of repetitions in each set. After that, do the same crunches, but with bent knees.

To work on the oblique abdominal muscles perform cross-twisting on the bench for the press. Take the same position as in the first exercise, then do the twist, trying to get the left elbow to right knee and vice versa.

Stand in front of a mirror, feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Get your hands behind your head and work out side tilt to the side, trying to reach the elbows to the thigh. Perform each movement is fixed, after exercise on the side freezes direct housing, do not "pendulum" movement.

To work on the lower back muscles use hyperextension. Lie face down on a bench to hyperextension. Get your hands behind your head and lean forward as far as possible with a strained back, and then tilt the body back to the stop. Do this exercise only with a perfectly straight back.

Begins and ends each workout exercises on a treadmill or on a simulator "bicycle". At the beginning of the training simulator udeleite ten or fifteen minutes in the easy mode, but in the end - twenty to thirty minutes in the "ragged" mode, alternating light and medium loads.

At the time of formation of the press, minimize the amount of starchy foods, sweet and fat, as well as meat and fish in your diet. Try to eat more vegetables, fruits and grains. Keep in mind that you can achieve the best effect only by a combination of aerobic exercise, exercise and diet.

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