How do bench press

How do bench press
 Bench press is a basic exercise for bulking pectoral muscles and triceps. The correctness of its implementation provides a significant increase in muscle triceps or chest, depending on how you implement it.  
 Wide grip bench press on a straight bench - exercises aimed at muscle gain. During its execution, must be as carefully as possible to see to it that the triceps were involved to a minimum, as their excessive use may lead to the removal of the load from the pectoral muscles, which is undesirable. Go straight on the bench and hold the barbell as widely as possible. On the inhale, remove the stem and lower it to the chest. After this sharp Jog push it up as you exhale.

Wide grip bench press on an incline bench directed towards dealing with the upper part of the chest muscles. For its implementation, set the bench at an angle of thirty degrees, and then lie down on it and remove the bar from the rack, taking her wide grip. Inspiratory drop it on his chest, then exhale sharp push squeeze it.

Benches in the back incline bench is best to use the bench for the press, because it has foot rests necessary for accurate fixing of the body during exercise. Keep in mind that this exercise can only be performed in the presence of fear, otherwise, if you can not squeeze the bar, you risk getting hurt. Technique of this exercise is identical to the previous two.

For the development of the triceps bench lie on a straight bench, then grasp the neck of the bar is so narrow grip as possible. Given the complexity of the balance straight rod, it is recommended to use the EZ bar. Lower the projectile itself as low as possible, deep breath of air. After this sharp exhale and squeeze the bar. In this exercise, as in the previous, requires the presence of fear on the case of non-exercise or imbalance of the bar with its subsequent blockage.

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