Great news on the four accounts

Great news on the four accounts
 Summer. A great time to show itself in all its glory. Glances at the mirror and realize that there is nothing to brag about? Sprawling tummy does not paint your body? Dream of a flat stomach is not unrealizable. Great news on the four bills - and you back in shape!

Exercise should start with a light warm-up, which is perfect rotation of the hoop or a simple rotation of the pelvis and torso. Better yet, get in the habit daily morning jog. Running not only burns the excess body fat, including in the abdominal region, but in general is useful to maintain immunity. After sufficient heating can go directly to training.

Crossbar - a great trainer is not only to increase the strength of hands, with his help, you can quickly and effectively train your abs. You just need to hang on and do it rises straight legs. The less you bend the legs, the greater the effect. Very important: do not overdo it on the first day, you can not overtax your abdominal muscles, otherwise the next day you will hardly be able to continue. Learn to feel your body. On the first day will be enough four sets of 5-6 reps. Over time, as the muscles get used to the stress, it makes sense to increase the number of repetitions.

The above-described exercise is useful to combine with another. Be taken lying down, hands behind his head. Without taking your feet off the floor and not bending them to do forward bends. To complicate exercises can be both "twist" in the party. Important: if the exercise is given to you too easily, it is not necessary to do 30-40 repetitions in one go. You wear down the body, and benefit from this special will not. In such cases it is advisable to use small weights.

These exercises are simple and accessible to virtually everyone. Success depends on your diligence, on the strength of will and desire to have a slim body. Do not forget also about the proper balanced diet: fruits, vegetables, dairy products - all of this is useful and necessary in the training process. And come, finally, the moment when once again, looking at himself in the mirror, you will not disappoint, and smiling will enjoy his little victory.

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