Flat stomach in the past month

Flat stomach in the past month
 If after a month you will leave ready almost everything - minute new swimsuit, a great attitude, but the rest may be slightly spoiled only one eye in the mirror. If your figure is far from ideal, and the waist has become almost invisible, do not think despair - showing a fair perseverance and following these simple rules, you can become the owner of a flat stomach in just a month.

First of all to understand what determines the plane of the abdomen - from internal organs, the layer of fat and abdominal muscles. Intestine and stomach should not be blocked or stretched, so the first thing are establishing digestion and diet. Need to clean the intestines, fasting for three days eating salad of raw grated hard fruits and vegetables (beets, cabbage, carrots, apples). It acts on the intestine as a scrub and removes toxins and wastes. Drink more green tea and water, a glass of low-fat yogurt for a couple of hours before bedtime - and the work of the intestine quickly adjusted.

Try to eat small meals, but as soon as you feel slight hunger. Breakfast should be the main day for a meal, it should include "good carbs" that will satiate you and give energy for a long time. Eat fresh oatmeal with dried fruit, sandwiches rye wholemeal bread and low-fat cheese. As a snack, eat nuts or any other fruit. They are rich in vitamins, fiber and nutrients, so that hunger will not bother you long enough.

Water - a sure way to cleanse the body of toxins and make the waist thinner. Drinking the amount of water every day, you will be able to prevent the emergence of a sense of "false hunger", as often happens, the brain sends false signals of hunger rather than thirst. Water nourishes the cell membrane moisture, so your body will not need to worry;

Include in your diet proteins - lunch and dinner should be more of them. Protein foods (meat, eggs) should not be used together with heavy carbohydrates and starches: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice. Perfectly suited as a garnish light steamed vegetables - tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots. This combination is easily digested stomach and does not violate the digestive system. The protein also strengthens muscles, as an important building material.

In the diet for a flat stomach not forbidden coffee, spices, a little wine, albeit in very small quantities. Wine, for example helps to fully digested protein, spices accelerate metabolism, exactly the same as a cup of black coffee in the morning. Limit salt intake, it is strongly retards withdrawal of fluid from the body.

Now think about the muscles. A flat stomach is formed by supporting the abdominal muscles and back. Regularly as special exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles (for example, the famous "bicycle or scissors" (better in a day) and daily simple exercises for stretching muscles and maintain their tone. The most simple - it is stretching up. It can be done at least every few hours - just stand up straight and stretch arms up, with the force pulling the belly and holding this position for 30-40 seconds. Watch your posture, as it is extremely important to maintain the internal organs of the abdomen and waist flat.

By rocking the press and other exercise to strengthen the muscles should be added and aerobic exercise, burn fat. The best option is a swimming pool, as it provides a comprehensive visit to the load and the burning of calories, as well as strengthening and training the muscles of the back and abdomen.

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