Spending money: common mistakes

Spending money: common mistakes
 The ability to maintain a budget - this is truly a whole Art. A wealth of information devoted to this, but the people again and again stumble on the same rake.

Properly and systematically to spend money - it's just as hard as, for example, diet. Most people, inspired by the special literature and savvy in literacy conducting budget, with passion begin the path to save and manage their finance. However, when the first impulse dies away, and catches the eye of the inscription "Save 50%" in the shop window, a black veil closes his eyes and many rush into the abyss of spending, as well as on the cake with cream after a week of sitting on raw carrots.

There are several major errors in results and, consequently, our expenses in general.

1. No need to be impulsive. If you really want to avoid unnecessary expenses, be collected and cold as the Japanese samurai. Before you administer with the purchase, especially relatively expensive, think hundred times, so whether you need this thing. For example, if you want an expensive food processor, estimate, how much time you spend in principle in the kitchen.

2. Set your priorities. Unfortunately, most of us can not grasp the immensity and buy everything at once, it would be desirable. Each person has a "fad", which do not mind spending the money. Someone dreams of an expensive car, a fur coat, travels. Think about what is important is for you. If you want to go on holiday in the country of your dreams, start off on a trip for a few months and strictly stick to your goal. The next time you want a new phone model, instead of his still working staff, think about what you are actually sacrificing your potential holiday.

3. Do not fall for advertising. How many useless purchases we make under the influence of promotions, sales, and other imaginary tricks. Most profitable packing two small, when you buy one - the second is cheaper and so on and so forth. So whether you need a second product packaging, shelf life which may expire faster than you use it?

Properly and wisely spend money - it's actually a new lifestyle, a new system, you're going to try to build. And only on your patience and persistence in achieving their goals will depend on how successful the result will be.

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