How to distinguish the real perfume

How to distinguish the real perfume
 Good perfume or toilet water are expensive. And it is very disappointing to make sure that you have purchased is not the original, but a rough forgery. Fugitive odor primitive Perfume and sometimes even allergy - this is an incomplete list of what awaits buyers counterfeit. Make the wrong choice can even sophisticated perfume lover. However, following some of the rules, you can protect yourself from disappointment.
 Be careful when buying in small private shops both in Russia and abroad. Not too reliable and shopping on the internet - you can find counterfeits made very skillfully. Before you decide to purchase, carefully inspect the vial may be required by the certificate of conformity.

One of the main signs of forgery - the price. Fake often sell at a price three times lower than the original. Recently, however, the skill has increased clandestine manufacturers - increasingly along with cheap imitations, very vaguely reminiscent of a prototype, there are expensive fakes.

Read the packaging. Most companies do not packages engine its products in bottles, pens. If you see on the counter deposit of bottles, differing only in name and color of foam, you can be sure - before you fake. If the perfume from different manufacturers sold in similar vials in standard boxes, refrain from buying. Producers of spirits poured their creations in their original bottles. Perfumes famous brands not sold on tap, despite assurances sellers cosmetic departments.

Pick up a box with the selected perfume. If it is packed in cellophane, check the quality of gluing. The joints must be smooth, and the film - a flat, thin and tight to the cardboard. Check the spelling of the brand.

Remove the vial from the packaging. Remove the cover from the bubble - it should not rotate freely, all parts should be tightly fastened together. The inscriptions on the bottle should be clear, without abrasions.

Often counterfeited classics - creations of famous French perfumers. Less common trends of fashion brands. It's quite rare counterfeits so-called "niche" fragrances. They are unknown to the general public, so no commercial interest for the scam. If you want to be sure of the authenticity of your purchase, choose such spirits - you just avoid disappointment.

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