How to choose a purse

How to choose a purse
 At first glance, there is nothing easier than to choose a purse. Nice color, capacity - the parameters for choosing the desired object almost every third person. But in fact you need to know some of the nuances, and to cash it vodilas, and served it to his master as long as possible.
 Do not buy too cheap purse. He may break and become unpresentable form in a matter of days. On money Feng Shui, it is unacceptable. Undermining better money or ask relatives to make you such a gift for any holiday. Purse should have a solid appearance, even if in a given period of time you have too much no money. It can be decorated with sequins or other decorations. The more expensive it will look better.

Prefer brown, black, gray, red or golden hue. These colors "like" money, so these purses will attract money energy. In addition, they are not such brands as other lighter shades. Since the "store" money for daily necessities, this factor plays an important role in the selection.

Choose not too big, but not small purse. Money in the "house" should be comfortable, that is, they must lie there crumpled and folded in half and gently unfolded. For detail requires a separate department. It should not lie down with the bills. In the store you can quickly find a coin in a separate pocket. In addition, the necessary compartments for business cards or bank cards.

Take the purse in his hand. You should be comfortable to hold it. Apart from that it should be received in your bag without difficulty. Otherwise, you can it somewhere leave. Note that, as it closes. Manufacturers often put locks uncomfortable. If you find it difficult to close and open the purse, you should give it up and opt for another.

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