How to choose a hair dryer

How to choose a hair dryer
 To look beautiful, you need to carefully take care of themselves, and hair are no exception. There are many different ways of laying and variations, drying, and add volume to hair shine. Hair dryer - the most common device that allows things done without much difficulty. Pick up hair should be very careful, because your choice will depend on further hair beauty and their health.
 All dryers are divided into household and professional use. The first type is used in the home. They average power is an acceptable price and small size. They are very convenient for frequent use and do not cause any problems. Professional hair dryers are ideal for hairdressers. They are considerably larger in size and heavier, have multiple functions and high capacity. Prices are much more expensive than domestic.

The first thing to consider when choosing a hair dryer - its power. The larger it is, the more expensive it will cost device. The best option is considered to 1600-1800 watts. If the power indicator more, such a device is already among the professional and home use is not necessary, since too quickly burn your hair. Less power is undesirable because the hair drying device so too is slowing down.

Next, pay attention to the weight of the device and ease of use. Try to hold the hair in his hand - would not it be hard for you to use it. Check the power cord and mounting. Best of all, if you stop your choice on a mobile connection. Such a device would be much more convenient to use, and most importantly - there will be no twist.

Pay attention to the accompanying complete set of tools and functions. The hub should be present in all devices. Extras can go head-diffuser. With its help you can give your hair extra volume. Ideal for women with thin hair. Some models of dryers can go attachments for hair straightening or curling, sometimes there are a variety of brushes, different from each other in diameter and size.

Among the various functions of the most useful supply of cold air. Thanks to her, you'll be able to fix any installation. A function of air ionization removes static electricity arose and give your hair shine.

Carefully read, whether the dryer filter. It is needed in order to protect the device from entering the hair and various debris. Best of all, if you can take it off and clean the special brushes.

Besides all this, pay attention to the cost of the device and do not get fooled by low prices from unfamiliar companies.

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