Hairstyle for the weather

 Autumn - a great time for romantic walks, fun with my friends and meeting new pleasant acquaintances. But what if the wet autumn air and tries to spoil your stunning hairstyle? Take into service tips women's magazine JustLady!

Held for an hour in the bathroom - with hairdryers, hair curlers and hair straighteners. Suffer badly, you still have the desired effect, and late for all kinds of meetings, ran into the street wet autumn. Less than 30 minutes, as a created so painstakingly laying without leaving any traces. Sound familiar? Not for girls who have some of my "secret" knowledge.

Council №1 Capture

Stacking - work fragile and needed a reliable protection, especially in damp, rainy autumn. In this situation, you come to the aid hairspray strong hold, for example,Ultimation from System Professional. This product is capable of folding even protect moisture. And before an important event, you can be sure that the hairstyle is in order.

Council №2 Control

All holders of curly hair knows his enemy hairstyles - high humidity. To curls pushilis not need to use special tools. For example, forming the clay with matte effectXtah Crude Clay Modeler by Sebastian. It provides a strong enough grip and allows you to create sculptural forms hairstyles.

Council №3 Stay in trend

Conveniently, this season the fashion goes hand in hand with the weather forecast. Rain, wind and fog act as the best stylists! After all, elegant creative mess and obstinate, deliberately careless curls - the current trend. Well, intense shine and fixation of the mobile provide hair smoothing cream-gloss simulationLaminates Crema Styler by Sebastian.

Council №4 Be Natural

If your hair is curly or pushatsya, do not expose them to straighten even in wet weather. Save the ideal shape will still fail, only spoil your mood. The best thing on a day to work on the creation of a "natural way". Without the use of styling products, of course, can not do, but let it be very easy. Such as spray lotion form and fixing hairstylesTrend Set by System Professional. In addition, it will give curls shine.

Tip number 5 Cool

In autumn weather every fashionista seeks at all costs to maintain hairstyle. But if you will keep one simple condition, the price may not be as high. After blow-dry is finished, let the hair cool - just wait 20 minutes before you go outside. Or use the "cold air" in his hair drier. These manipulations allow your laying hold on much longer.

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