Fashionable, stylish and expensive. What hides behind the brand?

 Moody fickle fashion business. Fashion has become vulgar. Beauty and elegance do not bother anyone else. Trade is not the clothes, and tabs with famous names. I do not want to take part in this, - said the legendary couturier Cristobal Balenciaga in 1968, leaving the post of artistic director of his own fashion house.

However, the labels with his name and is now well sold out. The retail price of the dress from Balenciaga reaches $ 20 thousand. Meanwhile, exclusive reduces turnover. Over the past ten years, almost all the leading fashion houses in Europe, which specialized in the production of exclusive clothing, or changed its prodproizvodstvo or went bankrupt.

Demand for«Haute couture» ("High fashion") decreases from year to year, and"Pret-a-porte»(The "first line of clothing") - increases. Leaders of the world's fashion-market (such as Dior, Lacroix, Gucci, etc.) for a long time considered «couture» as a means to promote serial production. Only for sale Valentino exclusive clothing remains the main source of income. The owner of this fashion house Valentino Garavani - the author of the most expensive dress in the world - a model Jackline Ruge, the cost of which is $ 3, 5 million.

Taste of consumers who appreciate not brand, and comfort, plays an important role. Ignoring the renowned mods, most mercilessly criticizes the second, third and fourth lines of Valentino, which are intended for mass sale. The quality of these things is that any manufacturer from Turkey or China will be able to beat him. Thus the cost of clothes from Valentino third and fourth lines can be compared with the prices of things the first and second lines of the less famous designers.

In the end, "to be or not to be" branded clothes with tabs in your wardrobe finally decides not only the purse. Couturier go to the meeting: the main thing - the desire, and the price line that is right for you can be found.

The most famous name-brand clothing brandThat are now sold in Russia is:Mango, Mexx, Springfield, Chevignon, Sisley, Esprit, Benetton and others.

Clothing fromMango (Spain) is now sold in forty-five countries around the world. IN RUSSIA stores of this brand are presented in five cities. Brand motto - "fashion for everyone." Characteristic for Mango Touch Copy sharp fashion trends, and in several styles: classic, sport, casual and evening. Do not remain without attention and accessories.

This brand every season is a new "face": Claudia Schiffer, Penelope Cruz, Milla Iovovich and other celebrities who manually develop the design of several things. Overall impression of the brand: a good quality for a relatively low price.

Mexx. Dutch brand Mexx (name given after the merger in 1986, the ninth year of male and female versions Moustache Emanuel: M + E + two kisses) today presented in sixty-five countries. Almost ten years this brand of Russian buyer. During this time, a chain of stores has expanded its retail outlets in eleven cities of our country.

This company employs eighty designers upper class who are developing twelve collections a year. Each of them is independent and complete, but certainly resonates with the preceding and following. Mexx has developed a wide range of products, satellites, perfume, shoes, watches, handbags, bele.Obschee impression of the brand: clothing for energetic and athletic young girls.

Benetton (Italy). This brand has outlets in over fifty countries.

Feature brand - experiments with color. This is the brightest brand. Overall impression of the mark: if you value in clothing, especially comfort, Benetton is for you.

Sisley. French brand Sisley deserves special attention. The company develops clothing for those who are always watching fashion. In Moscow, this brand clothing store located next to the «Benetton». This neighborhood is not accidental, because these two brands collaborate with 1974 year.

Overall impression of the brand: a stylish look is not cheap.

Another French brand -Chevignon. The designers of the brand obviously feel a weakness for retro motifs. Draw inspiration from clothing pilots of World War I, riders and other male professions that are steeped in romantic glory. There is no bright colors. As a rule, uses shades of sand, brown and red. "Clothes that are aging well" - this brand has positioned itself.

Overall impression of the mark: if you are in heaven and on earth is waiting for you at someone with good taste - dress from Chevignon!

Springfield (Spain). Dynamic clothing brand, which charges more than four hundred stores in twenty-five countries around the world. Collections of this brand are divided into clothing for the city and sports. All collections calm, without claiming to be a radical youth style.

Overall impression of the brand: quality without shocking.

Esprit (USA). Under the supervision of American brand Esprit today more than two thousand stores, a few of them - in Russian. Products marketed as "real clothes for real people." Bet is placed on youth sports. Style - "sporty chic".

Overall impression of the brand: quality and practical clothes with a hint of sophistication.

The era of Russian brand. When it happens?

Overproduction - one of the trends of the global apparel market, which was formed as a result of new garment enterprises and trading firms. As a result - sales are falling. This phenomenon is not bypassed Russia. If five years ago in the capital was twenty-known brands, but today there are over forty. The number of consumers had not changed, although their purchasing power increased slightly. As is well known, powerful marketing factor in the clothing trade is fashion. The winner is the one who dictates this fashion.

Now designers are faced with the fact that, based on the "old" fabrics have "invented" and put into practice everything. Fashion development is due to the latest technology. There is a new texture of fabric, the seams, even sewing technique. The problem of local designers, and through them the garment remains the raw material, which is almost always necessary to buy abroad: in Korea, Italy, Germany. Therefore, fashion is often dictated by manufacturers of fabrics.

In the case of Russian - This situation is not the best. Therefore it is necessary to domestic famous designers rely solely on your imagination in the sense of beauty. Russian fashion houses on the bright background of the world "skyscrapers" only climb sofitovye podiums. However, they have potentially strong their national elements.

Make predictions about the future of the domestic brands do not risk even the most courageous. The Russian market of designer clothes - a field for experimentation: there are factors that are ahead of their development, and others - do not give any of the laws.

One thing is certain, talent maestro - witness the history of fashion - without attention remains. Unless, of course, there are those who understand him.

And finally, a small quiz on the topic: "What you mean" brand "? »

Oksana, 27 years old: "This is a stylish, fashionable, sometimes - qualitatively. Smart shocking or easy chic. The main thing - every time half scholarships. "

Constantine, 25 years old: "I am told that I am a fan ... I admit it, it's hard to resist when I see a beautiful thing -srazu imagine myself in it. So even with leybochkoy! »

Elena, 18 years old: "The clothes, as in all things, I appreciate the quality and convenience. The main thing that I was in this beautiful. And what's the brand or not at all, on this, to be honest, I do not reflect. Sometimes it's a shame when companies discuss new trends, and I add nothing. "

Gennady, 44 years old: "Brand, brand ... Somewhere I've heard is just ..."

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