Economical shopping tour

Economical shopping tour
 Foreign trips for shopping are gaining popularity among Russian tourists. Increasingly, people are sent to distant countries not just rest and freshen up a wardrobe, having bought exclusive things that are unlikely to be on someone else.
 Shopping tours are of two kinds. If you choose the option with the obligations required to sign a document that clearly states the amount that it agrees to spend. Sometimes the agency requires leave bail, after the end of the trip, if all conditions are fulfilled, the money is added. Shopping tour with the commitments, for example, in Italy, costs about 300 euros. But it will have to leave a deposit in the amount of not less than 200 euros.

When choosing a shopping tour without obligation tourist has the full right to decide for themselves how much money to spend in the shops and boutiques of the biggest shopping centers of the host country. Such a package would be more expensive. For shopping tour without obligation to Italy will have to pay about 500 euros, but without the payment of collateral.

Traditional shopping tour includes flights, accommodation in a cheap hotel, insurance, travel to major shopping centers and factories. Go on a trip in the best month of the season sales. True great benefits can be expected, since at this time the price of air travel grows and accommodation in hotels.

Trying to organize a tour of their own, to gain difficult. To obtain a visa, will have to spend not only money, but also time. Hotel booking and ticket purchase - troublesome and costly, and cost much more than a travel agency. In addition, the large factories for the production of clothing can only be reached within the group and with a guide from the agency.

The biggest problem of those who decided to go shopping without going through specialized companies - cargo, that is, delivery of purchased items at the airport. This is especially true for those traveling for goods in bulk, as payment for 1 kg of cargo during transport in bulk is significantly lower than in normal delivery.

If you want to buy a fur coat, it's better to go to Greece. Dubai is to acquire tissue, gold, precious stones, in Rome and Milan, you can safely buy products from leading brands and be sure of their authenticity. In the season of sales discounts up to 70%.

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