Unpredictable Tim Roth

Unpredictable Tim Roth
 "The worst thing I can do - is to become predictable," - once said Tim Roth. This British actor has long been one of the most popular not only among the audience, but also directors. He manages to be loved by a mass audience and still remain one of the greatest actors of his generation.  

Tim Roth was born in the family of a journalist and a teacher in the British capital, May 14, 1961. Parents tried to instill in him a love for beauty. He has visited London museums and theaters, and despite the fact that he was a teenager even got a day in prison for the disgusting behavior, yet craving for beauty won.

Tim became a student Kemberuellskoy art school, and was preparing to become a sculptor. However, his career has not developed a sculptor - a year later he was expelled. The main reason for its poor progress was passion for theater. At first he worked in the theater circle "Oval House", combining the work of an advertising agent, and then moved to the «New Inn Theatre», where she received her first major role.

In the movie, he was almost by accident. In 1982, the old friends of the theater group told him about the casting for the film "Made in Britain", and he decided to try. He was taken on a major role. This film is the first in the career of the future Hollywood star.

After the successful debut of Tim Roth was a lot of successful roles in movies, to the fore. A significant success was his role in the film based on the play by Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern dead," in which he starred with Gary Oldman. This was followed by recession - not offered interesting roles, in his personal life came discord and crisis.

An important milestone in the life of Tim Roth was meeting with Quentin Tarantino. At first, he played the role of Mr. Orange in "Reservoir Dogs", and then - as a robber of the cafes in "Pulp Fiction." A year later he again appeared at the enfant terrible of Hollywood in "Four Rooms" starring night porter. This meteoric rise has influenced his career.

Nineties - the most successful period for Tim. He plays perfectly in diverse roles, tries itself in different genres - tragedy and comedy, classical performances and even television shows.

The series "Lie to Me" raised a new wave of popular actors in the world, and we can only expect - what else will surprise us this actor, multi-faceted talent which is subject, it seems, any role.

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