The Shining Stars: Zhanna Friske

The Shining Stars: Zhanna Friske
 It is called a sex symbol, she sings, dances, in films, and even going to open a yoga school. It all started quite simple - a group of "brilliant", which had to work, and Anna Semenovich and Julia Kovalchuk and Nadia handle.
 Zhanna Friske was born July 8, 1974 in Moscow. Prior to 1996, bore the name Kopylova, later changed her surname to his father, Vladimir Borisovich, who was a German by birth. Her mother - Ural Cossack. Besides sister Natalia, who also sang in the "Brilliant" Jeanne had a twin brother who died at birth.

At school, the future singer took an active part in the initiative, involved in gymnastics and dance at the ballet school. Entered the Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University, but did not finish my studies. From 1997 to 2003 she sang in the "brilliant", where he created the image of the femme fatale vamp. At the end of a career in the team began to take an active part in projects such as "Survivor" and "Heart of Africa", "Empire". Later went to the ice in the "Ice Age" and even became a star of the "Circus with the Stars." Lovely physical training helped her in all difficult tricks and handy to the movies.

In 2004 he published a science fiction film based on the novel by Sergei Lukyanenko "Night Watch", where Joan played the role of a witch, a friend of Zebulun. Later, she also appeared in "Day Watch". The uniqueness of Joan as an actress that most of the tricks (even though they are not all included in the final version of the film) she performed independently. Impact sports past and tempering on uninhabited islands.

In 2010, Zhanna Friske reappears on TV in the film "What Men Talk About" in the role itself. Little episode opened with a comedic actress hand, providing yet another facet of her talent. A little later she is already playing a detective "Who am I? ".

All this time she does not cease to work on a solo career that began immediately after his first "Survivor" - recorded songs, concerts, training, shooting for magazines, etc.

Every time she puts up new and new trims every time with ease reaches them, never fall face in the dirt and always smiling broadly. However, the only thing that remains completely unknown - it's her personal life, hidden from the cameras.

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