Superstar Madonna

Superstar Madonna
 Madonna - a true superstar of the world of show business. It is called the queen of pop for a great voice and the ability to always surprise the audience. She was repeatedly awarded the prize "Grammy" and "Golden Globe".
 Madonna Ciccone was born in Bay City, Michigan, in 1958. The family except her had five children. When they were still very young, his mother died, and the family fell on hard times. The school Madonna was round excellent student, home runs most of the cases. Sometimes she organizes concerts for family and friends in the backyard. Vigilantly watching their reaction, she notices things that particularly amused spectators. They always liked the room a la Shirley Temple, after which she lifted up her skirt and flaunted underwear.

At age 14, Madonna came to ballet class Christopher Flynn. At first she did not make great strides and looked pretty unattractive compared to other dancers. But in 15 years suddenly blossomed, and Flynn noticed it. As a homosexual, he saw the beauty in it, not as a man and as an artist. He decided to take the girl under his wing, took her to museums and art galleries, taught to dress and behave.

Flynn taught her to entertainment of a different kind, he began to drive her to a gay club. Oddly enough, but Madonna felt very comfortable there. It was there that she first realized she could influence people. She danced well, and quarrels between men for the right to be her partner sometimes moved into the fight.

After high school, Madonna entered the University of Michigan, but soon dropped it when a mentor and a friend Flynn advised her to go to New York and continue ballet education. For her, who grew up in a small town, everything was new. In 20 years, she first flew on an airplane for the first time and then rode in a taxi. And when was finally in the city of your dreams in her pocket was only 35 dollars.

To earn a living, Madonna had to earn a waitress in a cheap eateries. In 1979, after passing the selection in the dance group of French disco singer Patrick Hernandez, she went to Paris. However, finding no future for themselves, six months back. In New York, she founded her first musical group «Breakfast Club», which lasted very long, and in 1980 it created a new group «Emmy». Performing in clubs, she attracted the attention of DJ Mark Kamins, recommended her bosses recording studio «Sire Records».

President «Sire» Seymour Stein and responsible for the repertoire of Michael Rosenblatt decided to release her songs separate singles. The first song «Is not not big deal» has not caused much interest, while the second, «Everybody», immediately got on the first lines of popularity ratings. When such a success grasped her third single «Burning up», the studio gave the green light to record an entire album called «Madonna».

Gained fame in 1982, Madonna has never left the race. In parallel with the creation of new songs, she carefully worked on, the shocking the audience with their outfits. From the outset, clearly mastered the laws of show business, she was always looking for new ways to attract attention.

Madonna would not be a superstar, lacking talent. Her voice is great, plastic body still care about the fans, and shocking antics constantly heated interest. In parallel with the musical career, she starred in the movie and she put movies. She married twice, had two children and adopted two more. Madonna has received numerous awards, including "Golden Globe" for the soundtrack to the film "Evita" in 1997 and "We are: believe in love" in 2012

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