Biography stars: Michael Porechenkov

Biography stars: Michael Porechenkov
 The road to success Michael Porechenkova, future famous actor and a successful producer of the popular TV presenter and first secretary of the Russian Cinematographers' Union (since spring 2006) a. This peculiar way, but there was and is something that can be called faithfulness to himself, his essence, his temperament.

Michael was born March 2, 1969 in the average Soviet family. His dad, a sailor was often at sea, and mother-builder for a long time had to happen at work.

Parents worked hard, so every summer Misha sent to her grandmother in the village. Tomboy for the day disappeared from the house, then he was drawn to fishing, the forest, the field expanse. Charter of the day, Michael literally valilsya down from the impressions and fatigue.

Books teenager choose according to his restless nature. The favorite of these was "Captain Daredevil" active world of adventure which was in tune with our inner perceptions of the future hero of the movie.

In the late '70s family Misha went to Poland, where his father began working at the Gdansk shipyard. It is known that until 1986 Misha lived in Warsaw, where he studied in a boarding school.

After school, Michael Porechenkov was in Tallinn. Here he entered the military-political school. Perhaps he would have become a soldier. Only once it is clearly understood that military service was not attracted. Michael later pointed out that learning in a military establishment gave him considerable experience he has learned a lot about weapons and, importantly, at a time began to thoroughly wrestling and boxing.

A year later, Michael Porechenkova enrolled in the Leningrad state institute of theater, music and cinematography (LGITMiK), where it was determined on a course to Benjamin Filshtinsky. He made his debut as an actor Michael Porechenkov movie I did in 1994, while still at state institutions.

Much luck waiting for him in 1998, after he was invited to film in the series "National Security Agent" for the lead role. While the domestic television firmly settled Latin American soap operas, and the output of the Russian film "National Security Agent" was greeted by a mass audience with a special delight. He created the image of the hero of the film Alexey Nikolaev, calmly jaw crushes enemies and brethren, it is easy to unravel the cunning plans of traitors from the first meters tape became the idol of the plurality of viewers.

Actor played more than three dozen roles in film, theater and television. Success brought the role in the movie "Deadly Force", "Peculiarities of the National Hunt", "Gangster Petersburg: Baron." Became a memorable series "SWAT", with interest viewers watched the story in "Lines of Fate", stunned their "9th Company" liked "Soldier's Decameron", "Communication", "ZHARA", "Storm Gate." All of these viewers film works quite owe the fact that had the opportunity to see the courageous kinolyubimtsa Michael Porechenkova.

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