Biography star: Beyonce

Biography star: Beyonce
 Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas, the son of renowned producer and designer. Despite the legacy of his mother attractive appearance, a little Beyonce Giselle grew closed and shy girl. She tried not to stand out from the crowd of their peers. At school, Beyonce studied ballet and ballroom dancing, and singing in the church choir.

On the advice of choreographer Beyonce tried to overcome his shyness and began to participate in a variety of singing and dancing competitions. Winning several school competitions and believed in his talent, girl "sick" stage.

In the mid-90s Beyonce with her cousin decides to organize a group. It includes an additional 2 member (LaTavia Roberson and Kelly Rowland), and producer, of course, became the father of Beyonce - Mathew Knowles.

Group called the «Girl's Tyme», and soon participants signed a contract with the studio Columbia Records.

In 1997, there was their first break in show business. Girls recorded a song «Killing Time», which became the soundtrack to the movie "Men in Black". The group changed its name to «Destiny's Child» and start your way to climb to the top of the world music Olympus.

In 1998 a group of «Destiny's Child» recorded their first self-titled album. He was so successful that it received the status of multi-platinum and has sold 33 million copies.

Until 2001, the band recorded several successful albums («The Writing's On The Wall», «Survivor», a collection of "8 Days of Christmas») changed the composition, and finally collapsed. Participants decided to do solo projects. However, the group will reunite several times for short periods, but his former success can not be repeated.

Beyonce's time to start personal recognition and success.

She tried her hand at cinema, starring in the comedy "Austin Powers: Goldmember» as Foxxy Cleopatra.

Then, in 2002, she released her first solo album «Dangerously In Love», which earned her as much as 5 Grammy.

The second album, «B'Day», was recorded in just 2 weeks. He came out on the day of the 25th anniversary of the singer and soon certified platinum.

After that Beyonce again started acting in movies and music career a little faded into the background. In 2006 saw the release of "The Pink Panther", which starred Beonse Zanii. Then came the film adaptation of the famous Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" with its participation.

Beyonce's latest album, entitled «I am Sasha Fierce» released in 2008. Track «Single Ladies» became a worldwide hit at the time and still often heard on the radio.

In addition to music and film, Beyonce also produces his clothing line. Together with her mother, Tina, they create a model corresponding to the style of the singer.

In clever and beautiful Beyonce's nice and personal life: she is happily married with the famous rapper Jay-Z. They were married in April 2008 in a circle of relatives and friends, and since then trying to protect your family happiness from excessive attention of journalists.

Recently Beyonce often writes duets with other western stars, bit of a waste of his style. Recorded with Lady Gaga's song «Telepone» became a hit in 2010.

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