The World of Fashion: Alexis Maby

The World of Fashion: Alexis Maby
 Creative imagination, boldness and sophistication, some love for the dramatic. All this characterizes the activity of the young French designer who became a world-renowned fashion guru Alexis Mabiya. Today, Alexis is one of the most brilliant, talented and promising designers of the younger generation.

In early childhood Alexis discovered all the charm of the fashion world. He was born in Lyon, known for its beautiful museums. Alexis constantly sitting in the attic, cut silk, an old coat, tinsel, various Tacna. It was his first creation. This marked the beginning of his passion for a career.

Some time later, after his creative childhood Maby moved another step forward. He began to create a variety of costumes for theater and festivals. And also sewed clothes for the family, friends and relatives. He decides to leave Lyon moved to the French capital - Paris. There he graduated. In 1997, Alexis received his designer clothes. After that, he began to cooperate with designers such as: Nina Ricci and Ungaro. Then he created a variety of jewelry for Dior with John Galliano and Heidi Slimane.

In 2005 Maby decides to launch clothing brand Impasse 13, as well as a collection of accessories Treizeor. This brand is working on creating a unique design for male bow tie. 13 Impasse firm has been recognized as a brand unisex. Jackets, shirts, pants that Marika could wear both women and men. Once Alexis gave an interview in which he said that his only muse - he. It creates such a collection that's right for him.

In 2008, the designer created a fashion collection haute couture, in which he clearly stuck to his favorite style and fine Parisian chic.

 The base color Alexis Mabiya - black. In 2010 was presented an interesting collection. Collection were the highlight - note incomplete silhouettes with rigor and restraint colors. Also in this collection can be seen dresses. They were made on solid basis, and from a transparent material. The most incredible impressed by the black dress with a jacket and a fluffy pastel skirt. A dress with a narrow top, decorated with large voluminous flowers, did not leave any woman indifferent.

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