The World of Fashion: Blake Lively

The World of Fashion: Blake Lively
 Born in a family of famous American actors Elaine and Ernie Lively, Blake became not only an actress, but also a famous model. Achieving success in these areas thanks to his talent and charm, she became the idol of the plurality of teenage girls who are trying to be all over it like, and the famous fashion designer even named in honor of her collection of shoes.

Blake Lively in the family was the fifth child, born 25 August 1987. It so happened that she started acting literally absorb from childhood, when parents took her to work with him (for rehearsal) that it was under their care, and not with a babysitter.

The very first steps into the world of fashion Blake Lively made thanks to Elaine, his mother, who in the past was a model in the state of Georgia. That she got a daughter and instilled in her a passion to design clothes. Perhaps this helped charming and graceful Blake not only beautiful to show his clothes, but do it with love.

Blake Lively was sent to the first grade, when she was three years old, as her elder brother did not want to deal with one. In six years, Blake looked older than his age, at the same time the teacher noticed that the girl can not overpower posited school curriculum and parents transferred her to another school. A total of Blake have changed in the thirteen schools.

The first time Blake has played in the film, when she was eleven years old, following the shooting have been only five years later, and Blake categorically did not want to appear at the insistence of her older brother.

After filming the TV series "Gossip Girl" Blake has appeared on the covers of magazines and CosmoGIRL W, after which it was noticed not only as a brilliant actress, but also as a wonderful, talented model.

Among the last works of Blake as a model - Endless Summer photo shoot by Mario Testino for the June issue of Vogue US. Of course, Blake played a major role in this photo session, which reiterated her beauty and talent.

As stated by itself Blake Lively in the fall of 2010, Christian Louboutin, the famous shoe designer, is going to be called in her honor one of the models of his shoes, which, of course, will demonstrate the model itself. Maestro same has repeatedly said that he admired Blake.

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