Fashion Battle: Leighton Meester and Michelle Obama

Fashion Battle: Leighton Meester and Michelle Obama
 These two American women is difficult to compare with each other due to differences in age, origin and impact on the public. Each of them is related conventions of the environment in which he lives and works.
 Indisputable advantage wife of the American president is the ability to choose the image corresponding to the case, time and place. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and is involved in the massive campaign aimed at combating obesity in kids. Therefore, for activities and excursions for your garden she chooses modest clothes - jeans and T-shirts, dresses concise. In addition, it gives his own example to understand the Americans that this is the right choice, and it is worth noting, Michelle Obama is in perfect physical shape.

In addition, it is impossible not to draw attention to the trend in the selection of dresses for the occasion. With the worsening economic situation and the growth of social tension outfits Michelle Obama became more restrained and simple, even those that are selected for receptions and celebrations. We can safely say that the president's wife became a trendsetter in the United States.

As for Leighton Meester, it should be noted that this talented girl is in the process of finding your own style. Despite many good decisions, she sometimes tries to try on a not appropriate for their age and creative images. However, at such a young age, it is to be welcomed. Therefore, it often changes the hair color, hair style and style and almost always find what you need, good, when it is the external data is not difficult.

Sometimes blindly follow fashion with Leighton Meester plays a cruel joke, but there is every reason to believe that over time this will change and she will not combine all the must-have of the season in a single image.

Despite the fact that nature has generously bestowed upon Mr. Layton beauty and charm, the victory in the fashion duel between her and Michelle Obama now rests with the wife of the American president, but it's safe to say that this is not a point in their battle.

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