Winter kefir diet

 In winter, less vitamins, and so you need to pay special attention to a balanced diet. The more varied diet is, the richer it a set of necessary minerals.  

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, coffee with milk, salad sauerkraut
Lunch - a cup of yogurt
Lunch - salad, chicken soup, braised carrots, slice of bread
Snack - baked apples
Dinner - fish, fried in vegetable oil, baked potatoes, tea
Before going to bed - a cup of yogurt or milk

Other options:

Breakfast - egg, cream of wheat, tea with honey, bread with butter
Lunch - an apple, a piece of cheese
Lunch - mushroom soup, stew with cabbage
Snack - a glass of kefir cocktail
Dinner - carrot casserole with prunes, tea with honey
Before going to bed - a cup of yogurt or sour

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