The most effective Nordic Diet

The most effective Nordic Diet
 A year ago, many popular nutritionists declared in one voice that the Mediterranean diet is a miracle of our time and can simulate the ideal figure. However, recently scientists had discovered a real sensation - or Nordic Norwegian diet. At the same time, the Mediterranean could not take place without the daily use glasses of red wine, and the Nordic states that excessive consumption of it leads to breast cancer.

The initiator of the Norwegian diet of propaganda was the famous authority on healthy eating, Professor Arne Astrup. He argues that any diet must comply primarily climatic zones, because, for example, for northerners quite difficult to find products that are part of the southern diets. In addition, many vegetables are sold in canned and frozen, so losing their original value.

So, Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, as well as representatives of many other nationalities that have cold winters and warm summers, it is proposed to go in the direction of two diets. In the summer they can choose any southern diet.

The main ingredients are usually in which are: Brussels sprouts, fish, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers abundance, lots of spices and olive oil.

In addition, the garlic and onions are used quite often and almost no processed on fire. And the main drink at the dinner table to be that red wine. "Do not come to fish" - you might say. "But it is so good for your health! »- Unanimously approve by the Italians.

According to the doctors, not always and not everyone can move to winter use northern berries, which contain large amounts of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. And in the Nordic diet consists of just such berries: cloudberry, cranberry, blueberry.

Also in the Nordic diet includes a lot of different fish and lean meat (the peoples of the north is Tights and venison), and dairy products to buy, preferably from sheep's milk. It is in these products contain virtually no harmful fats, but there is a lot of protein, which allows satisfy your hunger and not gain extra pounds.

In this case, the spring is best not to go for the first ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and greens, as for many early vegetables peculiar to the increased content of all kinds of chemicals, which is treated with plant manufacturers to quickly and abundant harvest.

Therefore, emphasis is placed on the berries, beautiful Circassian cheese, not fat boiled meat and sauerkraut - an excellent source of vitamins in the spring and winter.

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