Psychology of weight gain

 The problem of excess weight has many aspects. The main thing - their own or in a survey to establish the reasons of completeness, that may arise from domestic violence or because of ill health.

Habit to eat more food than the body requires for its normal life; "Sedentary" lifestyle (at work, in front of the TV, the computer, driving his desk); eating habits (the love of sweets, starchy foods, beer, soft drinks, fatty dishes, etc.), dislike of sports activities - all of this has been steadily leads to excess weight.

There is an expression in French - "potato belly." To this can be added: "bakery belly", "beer belly" and others. The unreasonable nutrition can give increased weight at a young age, when everyone wants to be beautiful and slim, and it's a shame.

Questions arise: "What?", "Who is guilty?". As a rule, this trouble to blame ourselves, because they do not notice the time when food became engaged, but not a necessity of life.

Installing consumption "joys of life", which include delicious food (for many - one of the main joys!) Forms the psychology of "gratification" of the stomach (eg, coffee in bed, in the bath beer and sweets to children as a promotion, chocolate sets as gift etc.).

Eat becomes the concept of "good time" (on a picnic, in a presentation at a party, at a banquet in a restaurant, etc.). There is a psychological dependence on food, overcome by using diet pills or diet is impossible.

Many prospects, alas, for you are closed - success, career, mobile and healthy lifestyle, and wide free communication and sports. You suffer from complexes, you do not even like myself, to say nothing of others. We need to change attitudes to food and return to the primitive meaning extraction and consumption of food, ie, food - it's not fun, but only a vital necessity (not to starve to death).

Remember the famous Latin saying: "We eat to live, but do not live to eat."
Distinguishing this line, you can change your own "philosophy of nutrition", to establish a permanent self-control, and it will help you lose weight and gain appearance, pleasing the eye.

Many complain of weakness, a feeling that something nedodali your body, when they begin to restrict your diet. This suggests that you start to lose weight, not matured mentally for this.

You do not understand yet that embarked on the path of struggle and victory over their enemies: gluttony, beer drinking, excessive eating sweets, fatty meat, lard and bread. Do you still not know that the food is creative, intellectual and spiritual, gives much more joy and satisfaction, as many do not even know! Need to please their intelligence, creativity and physical strength rather than the gastrointestinal tract.

A few words about the other causes of obesity, It is revealed during the medical examination. Endocrinologist you learn whether you have diabetes, hypothyroidism, lower levels of sex hormones.

In gastroenterologist you figure out whether a full-fledged feature of your stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas. The therapist will clarify the situation latent and sensible stress that may be affecting the quality of your life.

Decreased vascular tone as blood and lymph, leads to tissue edema, and deterioration of microcirculation (which can be trained in the bath, sauna and swimming pool) lowers the metabolic rate and correct their assimilation. Early treatment will bear fruit.

Love your body, there is nothing superfluous, you bring it superfluous and unnecessary, you are destroying their bodies, forcing them to work on the limits of the possible, not withdraw themselves from the true joys of life to the imaginary, reformed their thinking! Do not waste your time!

Cornelia Voitkevich
PhD, a senior fellow at the Institute of Immunology

Tags: weight, psychology