Onion diet

 The most common diet - this diet the French, who are particularly fond of onions. They came up with the onion soup, which in their country prepares each family. Thanks to this dish and the recipe to lose weight, you can lose three to eight pounds. Onion diet can also reduce the level of cholesterol in the body and the immune system normalizing.
 The name itself sounds a deterrent, but it is actually not so bad, because during this diet is permissible to eat fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even meat. Also recommend the French sometimes make adjustments and add low-fat foods, as monotonous diet can lead to failure of the organism.

Good news for fans to eat a lot - Used onion soup there is no limit. This is explained by the fact that the vegetable contains almost no calories, and most importantly, it burns fat. Mechanism of action lies in the fact that the body spends more energy to recycle soup than soup gives him energy. Therefore, the more a person eats French food, the faster it grows thin.

 To prepare this soup you will need:
-6 Small bulbs;
- 2 red bell peppers;
- 2 large tomatoes;
- A small bunch of celery;
- 1 small head of cabbage.

Soup recipe:
First we need to cut all the vegetables very finely. Then lower the shredded products in a pot of boiling water and immediately add the fire: so that the vegetables are seethe. Then podsolite or add vegetable broth die for. As the French put it in a dish different sauces. If you have at hand a suitable - you can use it. Cook this soup does not need more than 15 minutes on low heat.


1 day
You need to eat as much as possible onion soup, and add to the diet of a small amount of fruit.

Day 2
Also eat soup in unlimited quantities and add the vegetables, you can after the heat treatment, but can do without it.

Day 3
Continue to eat soup, as well as fruits and vegetables, except potatoes, grapes and bananas.

Day 4
Onion soup, a cup of yogurt and fruit except bananas.

Day 5
Onion soup and meat lean chicken would be the best chicken breast without skin (300 grams). Also on the fifth day you can afford a few tomatoes.

Day 6
Despite the fact that you are terribly tired of this soup, you should continue to eat it at least 3 times a day. Also on this day are allowed to eat cucumbers, lettuce and pepper.

7 day
This day - the final. So you can eat soup only once a day, at other times by replacing it with a dark boiled rice with any vegetables.

The main thing in compliance with this diet - daily drink at least 2-liters of water, but it must necessarily be non-carbonated and savory.

 Author: Andrei Yakovlev

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