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 Diet French nutritionist and therapist Madeleine Zhestan popular with the stars of French cinema and show business to maintain a healthy shape and preserve the shape.

French nutritionist diet and psychotherapist Madeleine Zhestan popular among the stars of French cinema and show business to maintain a healthy shape and preserve the shape. In addition, the diet of M. gesture helps cleanse the body. Duration: 2 days per month, but you can every week, and every six months - depending on the health status and the desired goals.

Madeleine ZhestanFrench nutritionist and psychotherapist, believes that the diet should not be hard: to experience the feeling of hunger, in her opinion, is very harmful. It allows a mode to maintain optimum weight from time to time to eat honey, chocolate, dried fruit, jam, nuts in reasonable quantities. In this case, honey must necessarily be present, chocolate - bitter, jam - prepared exclusively from perfect and ripe fruit and berries. Acceptable eat 125g of dark chocolate per week. The same applies to dried fruits - dried apricots and prunes (some pieces per week). They need to chew as slowly as possible - it allows you to blunt hunger and improve the absorption of sugars.
During the diet you need to lie as much as possible, because the body makes the hard work: it is impossible to distract its additional loading. In addition, the horizontal position helps to remove toxins, natural drainage of tissues, improves blood circulation and reduces pressure on the stomach wall. Vertical, according to the authors, makes it difficult to exchange processes.

Recommended products:
lean chicken or fish low-fat milk, yogurt, yogurt
vegetables and herbs (carrots, tomatoes, onions), fruit (orange, grapefruit)
honey, cocoa, dried fruits
lemon juice, mineral water without gas
seasonings - olive oil, mustard

An exemplary menu for one day:

In The MorningBefore you get out of bed, drink a pint of water.
Breakfast- To prepare a drink: a glass of milk, 1 tsp. Honey and 1 tsp. Cocoa powder. (Milk is a source of calcium and protein, chocolate - magnesium, honey - energy and micronutrients.) 15 minutes before or after drink eat an orange or grapefruit.
Before noon drink a liter of mineral water without gas.
Lunch Time - 200 grams of lean fish or chicken. On a garnish - only vegetables.
2 hours after lunch drink a cup of yogurt with 1 tsp. honey.
In 16 hours drink called hydromel - drink, reducing appetite: the juice of one lemon, 0, 25 l of water and 1 tsp. honey. Drink it should sips.
Dinner- Sip a cleansing broth. His recipe: 1, 5 liters of water, 1 kg of leeks (removes toxins), 500 g of carrots (vitamin A), 500 g tomatoes (potassium), a few grains of cumin (removes toxins). Cook for 20 minutes. Strain, not salt. Please drink three cups broth at intervals of 10 minutes. Then eat vegetables from the broth. It is better to spice them with olive oil and mustard.
At night - Eat a cup of yogurt with 1 tsp. Honey (calcium is better absorbed at night).

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