Lose weight in a single day. Recommendations showbiz stars.

 Everybody knows that in order to look good, you have to regularly go to the gym, diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle. It turns out this is not at all, and many put up with this. However, when it comes to parties, then there could be every girl wants to show himself exclusively with the best hand.

Opinion polls showed that the majority of the external disadvantages of the fair sex are concerned, above all, excessive fullness. You can deal with it - there are many different diets and health programs aimed at reducing weight, butwhat to do if the party was to one day?

Do not despair. Today, to help all those who are in such a difficult situation, coming stars of show business with his invaluable advice on how to lose weight in one day and by the evening to be the center of attention at any party.

1.For The day before the party, you can make your stomach flat, if you reduce the liquid content in the body, says the famous singerMariah Carrey. You can use less or just liquid or purchase special pharmacy formulations based algae and sea salts which lower the liquid content of the body. The next day, however, is not recommended to drink plenty of water, salt and sugar. This can affect your health.

2.Viktoriya Beckham advises to use tan. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of bronzer on the places that you want to hide. If done correctly, would give the impression that you have muscles there, not fat. However, it has not turned worse, Victoria advises to apply to a special room, where the solution to your problem will be engaged professionals.

3.Vizazhisty Many celebrities say that many of the shortcomings of your body can be corrected with the help of makeup. Increasing the expressiveness of the eyes, lips and cheeks, you can create the illusion of refined face. If done correctly, the eyes of many will be turned on your face, not the body.

4.Bridzhit Jones advises poddevat skintight elastic shorts. That she learned from her grandmother. They can be purchased at a pharmacy or sports store. "Good elastic shorts will make you slimmer without dieting and health damage," - says Jones.

5.Watch the bearing. This is nothing new, but the correct posture "make" you up to 2-3 cm, and therefore slimmer. Stylists recommend exactly keep your head above widely straightened his shoulders. The chin should be slightly raised. Nothing complicated about it, the only difficulty is to make a habit of correct posture.

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