Lose weight easily: minus five pounds per month!

 Soon, soon the New Year! And you probably already know where and with whom you will celebrate it. In your plans for a lot of surprises for loved ones and of course hope for a fairy tale. It is in this night dreams come true and fulfilled desires. Of course as always on January 31 you want to look better than on ordinary days, and as always it seems that all the problems of a few kilograms without which you just become the most beautiful. Argue with you will not, and will advise you how easy it is to lose five pounds hated without complicated diets and grueling fasting!

Become grafomankoy!

Of course, in the best sense of the word! After all, nutritionists recommend starting with just diet records. Noting the time of their daily meals, and what helped you to overcome hunger, you can have a week to analyze the diet of healthy and unhealthy foods, as well as the time when to give up the sweet or starchy foods. We sometimes tend to forget that what we "snack", and it is in our snack and contain extra pounds.

Lie stomach

One of the tenets of nutrition is: a bad meal there, prohibit itself worth its quantity. In that case if you really want to lose weight, have to remember the following:

1 Your diet may be only 10 per cent consist of harmful, but pet food. In the remaining 90 should enter useful products and excess calorie.

2 The standard dose should be divided into two. Eating half the usual, you can already count on the result at the end of the month.

There is also a nice deceptions own stomach reduction can be attributed plates and dishes choice of blue or green. Last offer psychologists, and explain its advice that these colors reduce appetite, while the plates of red or orange color of its increase.

Result in a teacup

Before every meal, and in the morning on an empty stomach should drink a glass of chilled water clean. Assign this rule can be dancers, who consider it the key to successful weight loss. Cold water is in this case not only confuses the appetite but also causes the body to burn more calories speed. Drink water nutritionists also advise people with very overweight. The explanation lies in the fact that the cause of obesity is often a violation of water-salt metabolism.
 However, do not assume that any liquid can help. Juices, fruit drinks, soft drinks are the enemies of anyone wanting to lose weight, promote secretion of gastric juice and cause hunger.

Candy just for the Christmas tree.

In that case, if the goal is weight loss is a new year, a time just over a month should be aware of the existence of indisputable fact: at home, watching TV, you can eat it all. Hooked on a talk show or your favorite TV series, we often forget about taboos and diets, and therefore not worth buying for dinner or dessert flour.

Technique of personal promotion

Who if not you? Surely you have heard from friends, to buy things much smaller. In such circumstances, want not, you have to lose weight. However, if a similar feat you're not ready, you can simply introduce a system of rewards for any personal feat. Postponing is not a large amount in the treasury of future gifts and encouraging morning exercises, or not eaten cakes you can successfully save the required amount for the Christmas sales. Trifle, but nice!

The main thing is not to deceive ourselves, and then all must come out!

Galina Vereshchagin

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