Easy steps to an ideal weight

 What if an urgent need to lose weight? If one week wedding girlfriend, anniversary brother loved returning from a business trip? Nothing to do but sit on some simple diet


The Result: minus 1 kg per week. On this diet were all Soviet mannequins. Do you want to repeat their experience - go for it! Tip: Eat every 3 hours, and do not have to starve.

Morning: soft-boiled egg.

After three hours: 175 grams of cottage cheese, a cup of tea or coffee without milk and sugar.

After three hours: cooked steak and a glass of tea without sugar.

After three hours: one boiled egg.

Two hours before sleep: 175 grams of cottage cheese, tea.


The Result: minus 3 kg for 3 days.
Want to lose weight with health benefits? Remember the childhood - sit down for a week on gruel. Just do not take time off! It is necessary to arrange a celebration of childhood in full - that once the porridge, so for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By the way, this is the best way to lose weight for those who suffer from gastritis, colitis and other similar troubles.

Yes, on cereals, too, can lose weight!Arrange fasting monodni. Eat for a day of porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But there are some binding recommendations! Chew porridge. Eat no more than one and a half cups of porridge a day, with no salt. Drink non-carbonated water - half to two liters a day.

Day 1: Hercules. In the evening a glass of oats in a bowl and pour boiling water fill. In the morning, add one grated apple and a teaspoon of honey.

Day 2: rice. One cup of cooked rice (preferably wild or brown) and dried apricots, cooked in the evening (7 pieces of dried apricots, pour a glass of boiling water at night).

Day 3: buckwheat. One cup of boiled buckwheat mixed with a little fried onion.

Council: Do not replace these other cereals.


The Result: minus 3 kg per week.
This method is best suited for those who sent all their forces to fight against cellulite. After sitting for a week on this diet, you not only get rid of unnecessary balance, but also noticeably changed his body.

It does not matter how old you are and how much you weigh: cellulite can attack at any moment. Leather, mainly in the buttocks and thighs, becomes loose, and shows the ugly dimples and hollows.

The Reason - A violation of water-salt exchange between the cells of the body, excess fluid accumulates in the intercellular space, forming a kind of "traffic jams" and "congestion". Assimilation of oxygen and nutrients difficult, toxins and wastes mostly remain in the body. Heap here stress (tension is bad for the endocrine glands) and lack of physical activity (cellulite develops where muscles are flabby and undeveloped).

Recipe smooth elastic skin isTo cleanse the body on a cellular level. Excess water will go, if we refuse to salt and sugar, drink 6-8 glasses daily non-carbonated water and eat more foods rich in potassium.
Make a dish of cereals, fruits and vegetables (preferably in season) the main components of their diet. So you not only get rid of celluliteBut thou hast gathered excess subcutaneous fat, which often settle dangerous toxins and wastes, trapped in the body with fast food, drugs and pollution. Organize the work of the intestine, the pain will disappear in the liver and kidneys, you will not be so tired.

Breakfast: in the morning before breakfast - a glass of non-carbonated mineral water with the juice of half a lemon, then fruit salad (apple, pear, watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe), filling - 1-2 tbsp. Spoon child fruit puree.

Lunch Time: vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, celery, parsley and dill), a handful of sprouts germinated grain, a handful of sunflower seeds (pumpkin better), filling of vegetable oil and lemon juice.

Snack: or low-fat yogurt:

• popcorn without flavorings;
• cake made of rice flour with fruit jam;
• handful of dried fruit;
• unsalted nuts and seeds.

Dinner: 1 tbsp. spoon ready red lentils with herbs and 1 clove of garlic.

Council: assortment of fruits and vegetables can be extended lentils replace red or white beans.


The Result: minus 1 kg per week.
Without the proper amount of moisture have slowed metabolism, reduces the amount of energy, the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. But it is necessary to change their attitude to the water, and you will begin to lose weight on the eyes!

The fact that water makesmetabolism burn calories 3% faster. In addition, water suppresses hunger caused by fatigue. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, you can prevent fatigue and weakness, which lead to overeating.

Water contributes to more efficient operation of the digestive system, allowing us to pursue less food temptations. Replacing sugary drinks for water, you will save yourself from a huge number of calories. Caffeine - a diuretic, so when you drink coffee or tea, thinking that quenches your thirst, you actually dehydrate the body.
The idea to drink 8 glasses of water a day for many may initially seem unrealistic.

A few simple tricks water diet:

Drink a glass of water first morning - On an empty stomach before breakfast. Then, during the workday begin to make a break on the water instead of coffee breaks, pull the water through a straw instead of Diet Coke, and you get used to drink more quietly.

Keep plenty of water within sight. Then you will not forget about it.

Add flavor. After drinking the water should not be boring. Try, for example, water with fruit flavors or soaked through in a glass of chilled carbonated water, half a lemon or grapefruit.

Cool. Every evening luggage a few bottles of water in the refrigerator. In the morning, take with you to work a couple of bottles and enjoy the cool taste in the afternoon.

Council: sometimes be replaced by a simple soda water - especially in those moments when you're a little hungry. So you can slightly dull feeling of hunger. But do not drink water with gas often!


The Result: minus 1 kg per week.
Parsley root is excellent drives water from the body, but because this diet completely excluded fruits and vegetables, it is transferred to the work and is not suitable for people with diseased kidneys. However, parsley has a beneficial effect on digestion, it is recommended even in gastritis.

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee without milk 1 slice of sugar.

Snack in 12 hours: 1 tbsp. spoon grated on a coarse grater parsley root, one egg.

Lunch Time: 100 g cooked meat, 1 tbsp. grated parsley root.

Snack: 100 g or 200 g of the cheese curd, coffee or tea.

Dinner: a cup of yogurt.

Council: add new parsley to the meat, soups and salads.

By The Way! Parsley very gynecologists recommend women with cycle disorders and painful menses, because it contains substances similar to female hormones. Someone drinks infusion (third cup), and someone who likes to just casually chew beam curly greenery.

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