Dancers diet

Under the heading Diet: Diet - Avocado

The basic rules of this diet following.

1. One serving of food must be divided into two meals.

2. Soups are considered a separate dish, so they can not be combined with other food.

3. It is impossible to combine in one meal of fish and meat, as they contain a heterogeneous protein.

4. It should consume dairy products low in fat. When choosing milk and dairy products should be given preference to normalize milk and possibly dilute it with ice.

5. From the diet should be excluded factory mayonnaise. In the absence of forces to abandon it completely should prepare its own, without the yolks and salt and 1/3 with the addition of low-fat yogurt.

6. It is important not to use salt in cooking, and try to replace it with spices and soy sauce.

7. Should drink at least 30 minutes before a meal and not earlier than 1 hour after. In the day you should drink 1, 5-2 liters of non-carbonated mineral water.

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