Color diet in Italian

Color diet in Italian
 Very popular for a variety of effective weight loss diet. Among them - the color diet, brought to Europe from America. She has already got a lot of fans. Its basic principle is to use different color of their foods and beverages, corresponding to a certain day. Thanks to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables that contain all the necessary nutrients for the body, for this mode of supply can spend quite a long time.
 Diet menu

Day 1 - Orange

On this day, you can enjoy exotic fruits, try papaya, mango, pumpkin, sea buckthorn or salmon. As for drinks, it is desirable to use freshly squeezed carrot juice. Mashed carrots with the addition of a tablespoon of honey is an excellent breakfast. For lunch it is better to boil salmon fillet. For dessert, you can use rich in fiber and vitamins to the pumpkin, as in cheese and baked in the form.

Day 2 - Yellow

Provides a wide variety of approved products - peaches, pineapple, sweet yellow apples, corn, apricots, yellow bell pepper, egg yolk, cheese and honey. Selection of recipes for cooking of these products is up to the person sitting on a diet.

Day 3 - Green

On this day, you can taste spicy greens, leafy vegetables, sea kale, various salads, kiwi, zucchini, rhubarb and broccoli. It is desirable to drink green tea. On this day, the body begins to clear from the slag. Green tea will promote the excretion of cholesterol. Good to use for breakfast fruit salad of kiwi, for lunch perfectly suited cucumbers and broccoli, seasoned with olive oil with the addition of spicy greens.

Day 4 - Blue

Should drink plenty of fluids, and preferably water with a bluish tinge. Get the blue color can be mixed berries with dairy products.

Day 5 - Blue

Similarly, the fourth day should be mixed fruit (blackberries, blueberries, prunes), a fermented milk products (yogurt, sour cream, low-fat cream). Permission is granted to pamper yourself a cake with berries and walnuts.

Day 6 - Purple

On this day in the diet include natural fructose. The beneficial effects on the circulatory system, digestive system and skin have blueberries, blackberries, blueberries, black currants, grapes, dark varieties, eggplant and plum. During breakfast you can enjoy the infusion of blueberries and grapes. For lunch, it is desirable to try berry salad with dressing juice. Stewed eggplant, plum and tarragon are excellent dinner.

Day 7 - Red

This is the last day of the ones that provide for the submission diet for weight loss and the most enjoyable. And diverse range of products in this day - tomatoes, red beans, cherry, red currant and pepper. As well as plums, pomegranates and red apples. Delicious desserts and delicious fruit salads can be prepared from these products.

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