Vegetarianism as a way to lose weight

Vegetarianism as a way to lose weight
 Reading tips on losing weight in books, magazines or the Internet, we can conclude that vegetarianism - is a guaranteed way to lose those extra pounds hated. Certainly, the polls show that vegetarians weigh less than meat-eaters, but once you give up meat, significant weight reduction may not be noticed.
 In a comparative analysis of the dietary habits of people before and after they switched to a vegetarian diet, it was found that six months after the start of a vegetarian diet caloric intake was reduced by 200 calories a day. Volunteers began to look slimmer, and waist and hips reduced but significant weight loss was not.

This can be explained by the fact that a healthy vegetarian diet is based mainly on complex carbohydrates, ie on low-calorie starchy foods low in fat. But even with vegetarian food can be prepared extra calories. Most of these unwanted calories comes from a variety of sugary drinks, chips, crackers, cookies. And if there was a desire to lose weight, then you need to find the source of excess calories.

Cutting calorie menu on his week 3500 kcal leading to loss of weight of 500 g, ie a day is enough to eat 500 calories less. And no matter whether it is a strict vegetarian, or allowed, for example, dairy, fish and eggs. Anyway, the main products is vegetables, fruits, whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice (with vegetables or beans), beans, and you can even treat yourself to a slice of whole-wheat bread. Salads - a very lucky find for such a diet, only gently with dressing and croutons. And do not get to avoid control portion size. Overeating even healthy foods to lose weight hurt.

Many people believe that a vegetarian diet is poor in protein, but it is not. Whey, soy, egg protein is a source of high quality protein in the same list, you can add beans and nuts. In no case do not give up proteins. Especially now a wide range of soy and whey protein powder and bars for those dieters. These products have not been specifically designed for vegetarians, but nevertheless with a minimum of fat, sugar and a high protein content, they are excellently suited.

Drink plenty of water. The more you use it, the more reset. And it is not due to the effect of appetite suppression, and by speeding up metabolism, which helps lose weight without pills and potions.

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