Rice Diet

Rice Diet
 With rice diet can not only lose weight but also cleanse the body of harmful substances. The popularity of this system of power throughout the world due to the favorable qualities of the product, its nutritional value and ease of preparation.

Those people whose dream is not just weight loss, but also improvement of the body, is the best fit rice diet. Because rice - nutritious and useful product, it "builds" cuisine of countries such as Japan, Korea or China, where to find a complete human is not so simple.

There are several methods of weight loss on rice, some of them is quite a tough one. Other diets allow the use of not only rice but also other products. Everyone has a right to decide what is best for him.

One of the most simple rice diet is a diet called "5 volumes". To take advantage of this power system, it is necessary to take 5 glasses, put in each of them two spoonfuls of rice and fill with clean water up to the top. The water should be changed every day. Four days later, take the first glass, pour water, eat rice, put it in the glass of a new batch of rice, then pour a glass of a new portion of water. Glass put the latest in a series of cups of rice. Similarly, the input to the second day with a glass of the number two. The result will be that you eat rice, which advocates for 4 days.

As your body gets rice, which cleared of unwanted impurities, its task - to bring the salt, the excess of which retains water in the body.

The advantage of the rice diet is that in getting rid of the body from harmful substances is not affected by muscle mass. Diet "5 volumes" calculated at 14 days. It is desirable to give up breakfast at the time of compliance with this diet, so that the effect was more pronounced, and not salt food, or restricting food is lost.

Most rigid diet is when you can eat for a day only cup of rice. Sometimes allowed to supplement the diet of two green apples. This is a short supply system, which lasts no more than three days, which can be repeated no more than two weeks.

Whatever rice diet you choose, do not forget to drink plenty of liquids, otherwise salt can be deposited elsewhere. Do not drink mineral water, limit your intake of clean drinking water, green or red tea without sugar. Need to drink a half hour after taking rice or before a meal, about half an hour.

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