Pros and cons of a protein diet

Pros and cons of a protein diet
 When choosing a diet is to be understood that any change in diet, for whatever rules has its advantages and disadvantages. In the search for the optimal power options should learn as much as possible as those, and others to make the right decision. For example, even a fairly common protein diet may cause some inconvenience.  

Why protein diet is famous today? Most likely, this is due to the fact that even the kids are well aware that the protein is good for health. Namely foods rich in this element, the emphasis in the protein diet. It is recommended to abandon or severely restrict the amount of food containing carbohydrates.

Of course, is good news and a list of acceptable products, because it includes so often reject meat diet (although lean), lean fish, eggs, cottage cheese. It is advisable to choose foods low in fat. However, immediately available and limitations have to sacrifice not only love for sweets, but also moderate consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables, cereal refuse, butter - from all foods containing abundant fat and carbohydrates.

Thus, the list of authorized products makes it quite easy to sustain a diet and achieve results, while not exhausting the body hungry fainting - you can always get enough meat. Do you feel enough stamina for productive working day. Furthermore, it is recognized that for the digestion of food rich in protein, the body spends quite a significant amount of calories.

Another important positive aspect of this diet: even after she saves the resulting shape. However, if you type in your diet a large number of forbidden foods, plus it will quickly disappear.

Although the pros rather weighty disadvantages also make you think. Already one can see the list of authorized products that compliance with this diet breaks all the rules of a balanced diet, which will inevitably affect the health of the body, deprived of a block necessary nutrients, minerals and other elements. Signals about his dissatisfaction serve falling hair and skin is far from perfect.

In addition, weight loss does not affect the fatty tissue and muscle, so you do not get rid of the problem, but from its external manifestations.

But most importantly, what you should know, refers to precautions. Carefully read the terms recommended diets, not to harm their health. Protein diet, if you stick with it for more than three weeks, will affect the state of the kidneys and are more likely to lead to their illness.

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