Nut Diet

Nut Diet
 Recently, very popular nut diet. It is not surprising, since nuts having, on the one hand, high calorie rapidly induce satiety in humans, on the other - has on the body and a useful therapeutic effect.

Useful properties of nuts due to components of the components in their composition. Easily digestible vegetable protein contains amino acids, such as arginine, which is actively involved in metabolic processes. Unsaturated fats of vegetable origin cause accelerated fat burning, which ultimately leads to getting rid of extra pounds. Vitamins B and E, various minerals, fiber - also improve metabolism.

Weight loss can be arranged as separate fasting days, and three-, five- or ten-day diet.

During walnut fasting day is enough to eat 100 grams of any kind of nuts. It should be drinking liquids, and the most preferred green tea and carbonated water.

In a three-day diet nut diet except nuts included boiled fish, chicken, a small amount of vegetables (cucumber, tomato). Using any seasonings, salts, sugars unacceptable. As a drink to the above beverages can add black tea.

If you choose a five-day diet, to the products included in the three-day diet menu, connect half a cup of yogurt or milk for every day.

During the ten-nut diet all foods containing animal protein is replaced with a mixture of different nuts (2 handfuls a day). Allowed the use of small amounts of vegetables, fruits and dried fruits, and cereals (no milk) and vegetable soups. Meals should be four-time. In between meals you need to drink at least 1, 5 liters of fluid for every day. During these days, there is a reduction of weight by more than three kilograms.

Nut diet is desirable to combine with physical culture (without heavy load), swimming, etc.

During pregnancy, lactation or exacerbation of chronic diseases, this diet is contraindicated.

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