How to lose weight on a diet of apples and honey

How to lose weight on a diet of apples and honey
 Components apple-honey diet complement each other and together help the body cleansed of toxins and excess weight, restore the disturbed metabolism and gradually move to a more reasonable diet. In the fasting days you will not have a very strong hunger. Honey and apples - is not only delicious but also nutritious.  
 Before the start of apple-honey unloading visit a therapist and nutritionist - professionals should exclude possible contraindications to the fruit menu and allergic to bee products. Usually recommended "go on a diet" gradually: in the first month of fasting days to arrange times a week, and then hold on a limited diet consecutive week.

Practice shows that the seventh day apple-honey unloading can lose about 4-6 pounds of excess weight. During the following months should again go on the diet food once a week. Be sure to take a break for 2-2, 5 months before re-purify the body apple-honey week. The weight remained stable, it is necessary to observe moderation in all "normal" days between discharge.

Some nutritionists called the combination of apples and honey one of the most balanced diets. Body not only exempt from harmful substances, but instead gets almost all the necessary for its normal functioning minerals and vitamins. Both products are perfectly assimilated, and honey tones and additionally supports your strength during fasting days - the brain receives a powerful energy recharge.

The approximate amount of food for 1 day diet - 1, 5-2 kg of ripe apples and 4 tablespoons of honey. Products to be distributed in equal portions and eat in the morning, afternoon and evening until 21:00. You also need to drink plenty of liquids - pure water and green tea. The daily fluid intake bring to 2 liters.

Diet can be a variety of different dishes. For example, a simple ancient Slavic recipe will make your breakfast less boring. Section 2-3 apple in half and remove the core. Make knife cuts from the center to the edges - each of them must delve only ½ of the fetus. Pour into each "cup" of a teaspoon of honey and let the fruit soak honeyesque taste and aroma for 15 minutes. Honey apples ready.

For lunch, prepare apple porridge in its own juice and season it with a spoon of honey. For dinner, you can bake the apples in the oven and serve them to the table with honey. In addition, during the day necessarily nibbled fruit whole - in their seeds contain iodine, which will be an excellent prevention of endocrine disorders.
Despite all the undoubted merits healing menu, nutritionists prohibit extend the same type of diet longer than 7 days.

There is a more gentle way to apple-honey diet food, which allows light vegetables, non-caloric beverages, citrus fruits, lean fish and eggs.

The main rules: meals should always occur in the same time, snacking completely excluded. Also, forget about the flour and vegetable oil and butter, and alcohol. Food should be eaten only raw, baked, steamed or boiled. And most importantly - your dinner should always consist only of apples and honey. Sample menu apple-honey diet can be formulated so:

Breakfast: grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs, a cup of green tea. Second breakfast: 2 eggs, tomato and a glass of fruit and berry fruit drinks or juice. Lunch: 2 eggs, salad, orange, green, or a glass of mint tea. Dinner: 2-3 apples and 10 g of honey. Or at zZavtrak grapefruit, 2 eggs, a cup of black coffee. Second breakfast: 2 eggs, spinach, coffee. Lunch: 100 g of fish, salad, salad (shredded cabbage with lemon juice), a glass of green tea. Dinner: 2 -3yabloka, 10 g of honey.

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