How to lose weight on the protein diet

How to lose weight on the protein diet
 The protein diet is a fairly simple way to reduce weight. Under proper observing you need to remove from your daily diet carbohydrates and fats, that is prohibited is the use of products such as potatoes, corn, flour, butter, pasta and sweets. These products should be replaced with food rich in protein: eggs, fish, low-fat dairy products, lean meat.

Fourteen days of using protein diet you will be able to get rid of eight pounds overweight, at least. The mechanism of this method of weight loss is very simple. By reducing the amount entering the body through food carbohydrates, he is deprived of a source of fuel-glucose. Therefore, to maintain its vital functions he has to spend its fat stores energy.

One of the main advantages of this diet is the lack of hunger. After all protein foods recommended this diet to provide the entire body with the necessary energy. The thing is that the digestion of protein foods require considerable time.

During protein weight loss can eat those foods that, for example, in the other diets have strictly forbidden to. The results of the protein diet is a 100% guarantee of weight made for quite a long time. But, only if after the diet you can eat right.

The optimal period for weight loss by protein diet is 14 days. In this period it is recommended to use the largest number of non-carbonated water.

You can use products such as coffee black, boiled eggs,
salad made from boiled cabbage with vegetable oil, tomato juice, boiled or fried fish, boiled beef, yogurt, cheese, fruit, boiled chicken.

All these products consume little by little, for example, if you eat meat, the portion should not be greater than 200 g

Sample menu protein diet for the day: black coffee, one boiled boiled egg, one cup of yogurt, vegetable salad and an apple (you can replace him a banana or pear).

All 14 days of the diet, try to eat at one and the same time.

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