How does drinking diet

 This diet is a program of cleaning and weight loss, designed for 30 days.

We drink when we want when we want to drink and eat. The main thing is that we do not chew.
Warning! The chair should be daily.
The same should drink daily 1, 5 liters of clean water.
You can drink all the milk, dairy products, juices, tea, coffee, cocoa, vegetable broth and chicken only.

Since we often "seizes" their stress (which, incidentally, not the suppression of stress - this is very bad from a psychological point of view), the first few days on this diet is very unusual and difficult. I would like to chew.
Further feel better. Released a lot of energy it takes to digest a heavy meal.

Powerful cleanses the body and goes the extra weight.

FIRST 10 days - to clear all the hollow organs. This may be accompanied by secretions, including in the form of mucus coating on the tongue is possible.

Then, 10 days - to clear dense organs (liver, kidney). Perhaps uncomfortable state in these organs.

The last 10 days cleansing at the cellular level.

Dolen the body get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids: take at this time appropriate health supplements.

It is recommended to pass this program is not more than 1 time per year!

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