Grapefruit Diet Madonna

Grapefruit Diet Madonna
 Singer Madonna fan of all kinds of diets, because the harmony of shapes requires special measures. One of her favorite diet - grapefruit, which pleases an excellent result and a varied menu.
 Grapefruit is often found in diet diets. After all, it is perfectly burns fat. The essence of grapefruit diet Madonna is the daily use of exotic fruits, as well as the prohibition of eating after seven in the evening. Diet designed for a week.

On the first day of the diet for breakfast eat grapefruit or drink juice from it, buy low-fat yogurt, drink tea or coffee without sugar. For lunch make cabbage salad, eat grapefruit, drink tea. For dinner, cook green salad with lemon juice, drink tea with a spoonful of honey.

At breakfast, the second day eat grapefruit, two slices of black bread, drink a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. For lunch, eat 100 grams of cheese or low-fat cottage cheese, and one grapefruit. In the evening, cook vegetable salad and eat a piece of black bread.

On the third day for breakfast eat oatmeal or muesli with spoon raisins. For lunch - grapefruit and a cup of vegetable soup with two crackers. For dinner, cook rice, two baked tomatoes and eat half a grapefruit.

On the morning of the fourth day, drink a glass of tomato juice, eat bread and drink tea with lemon. For lunch, prepare a salad of carrots and green vegetables, a piece of bread and one grapefruit. For dinner, boil or stew vegetables. Portion shall not exceed 400 g Drink tea. Before going to bed, drink grapefruit juice.

On the fifth day breakfast make fruit salad, drink coffee or tea with lemon. For lunch, bake a potato, make coleslaw. For dinner, boil rice, tomato and bake one drink a glass of tomato juice. Before going to bed, eat a grapefruit.

On the sixth and seventh day, select any menu itself from the previous days of the diet.

If you feel hungry, then between meals you can eat an apple or an orange. And there are better after 5 hours after a meal.

Completely remove the salt from the diet, sauces and alcohol. As for spices, something about them, too, should forget, except red pepper.

If conscientiously fulfill all the conditions of the diet, then you can throw 4 kg per week, and without experiencing hunger.

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