Fractional power: the first step on the road to weight loss

Fractional power: the first step on the road to weight loss
 What just not go many girls and men in their quest to lose weight. Some are willing to abide by the terms of the severe diet to get rid of the hated kilograms. And often this desire turns not to the benefit of man, disturbed function of many organs and organ systems. But there are diets that help reduce weight without causing harm. One such system is split meals.

There are small portions, but often - it is a basic principle of fractional power. Moreover, there are two approaches to the distribution of ration for the day. On the first of them there can and should be when you feel hungry, stop when filled. So if you eat, but after half an hour again feel hungry, you should not tolerate it. Satisfy it with the apple, a handful of nuts, cookies. The main thing with this approach - do not overeat.

For some people, this approach may take a meal in the morning until late at night. But if you eat vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, and avoid sweets, flour, fat, smoking, fast food, the extra pounds will not appear. It should also drink per day for at least 2 liters of water, since Many people confuse thirst and hunger.

Gradually, you will notice that you do not want to eat every hour, it will be easier to control your appetite and the composition of their diet. And this is bound to affect your weight.

The second approach is based on the fact that the whole daily ration of food is to be divided into 5 - 6 parts, of which three main meals and 2 - 3 snack. This approach is more convenient for working people who can not often be distracted by food.

As for the former, there are rules that you need to drink at least 2 liters of water daily, and should be replaced by a heavy, greasy food more healthy.

The main advantage of the fractional power over other diets is that accelerates metabolism. Due to the fact that ingestion occurs frequently, the body does not have time to postpone nutrients in reserve. Not only burned all the calories consumed, but also additional. So you lose weight.

To go faster fat burning, oddly enough, it is necessary that the body receives fats. But no need to take them out of meat, fried in a pan with plenty of vegetable oil from chips, fast food and other similar products. Fat burning process required for omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in fish. You can additionally take fish oil.

At a fractional power accelerates metabolism, and this leads, in turn, to improve digestion, the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. First may intestine will work too active and it may give you some inconveniences. But after the body cleansed of toxins accumulated in it, all normal.

Another advantage of the fractional power is the point that you will not experience hunger. On the day you need to eat about 1500 - 1600 kcal. It's not so little. Especially if the composition of the diet of wholesome, low-calorie foods.

When feeding on such a system should not forget about exercise. If you do not do sports, when losing weight parts of the body, from which excess fat is gone, can acquire an unattractive appearance. The skin can become loose, droop. It is to be feared especially those people who have an initial weight was big. But even simple daily walks, committed an active step to help avoid this problem.

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